Let’s Try This Again, Again.

Okay, the last thing I posted was about how I don’t blog enough…. That was in July. Like, four months ago. *knocks self in head*

What’s wrong with me? I have the WordPress app on my CrackBerry, I have access to a computer… Um, what’s really going on?

Yes, I’m writing about my lack of writing. Sad. Very. But at least I’m writing, right?

I’m gonna try this again.

Allow me to re-introduce myself. My name is Sep – I- to the – A Brown. (Yup, I did just try and be clever and rap.  Hope that went over well. Is this thing on?)

In all seriousness, I’m gonna try and write at least twice a week. That way, I’ll be able to get my word count up and improve my craft. That’s the purpose of this blog, y’know?

So, if there’s anyone out there reading this thank you. Lots. I promise not to bash myself anymore. There will be funny, insightful, uplifting, change-inducing pieces coming soon…. Please come back. Please?

You Stay Classy (insert your town),

Sepia N. Brown


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