Sunday night (or Monday morning) I decided to unplug for a week, maybe more. I deleted Facebook and SocialScope (which houses my Twitter and FourSquare  accounts)  from my Blackberry in an attempt to get more plugged into my purpose.

Unless I’m blogging, I probably won’t be online. I can’t connect to any of those accounts at work and I still haven’t purchased a laptop. Day 2 of being unplugged is going fairly well. I heard withdrawal symptoms don’t show up until around day 3. I’ll let you know once I’m scratching for a  hit of Facebook. So far, so good.

Social media has become the go-to mode of communication. Friends have conversations via twitter and once they meet up in real-life, they talk about what someone has posted on twitter and they even tweet one another while sitting in the same room. As of late, many conversations have started with, “Did you see what @(insert twitter name) posted yesterday?”

And when was the last time you saw someone actually print out a picture? (I have a disposable waterproof camera with pictures I took on a trip to Key West with my BFF almost six months ago that I still haven’t developed.) And does everyone have a digital camera (for the record, I do own one)? It seems like even the most sacred places become photo shoot central. Are we taking pictures just to post online and get comments?

Now, I was once the “could you take a picture of me” girl and the “when are you gonna post the pics from our (insert extremely mundane event with great shots of me) girl”. What I have come to realize is that life is best lived. Yes, moments can be captured via photo for your own memories but everything doesn’t need to be shared via facebook, twitter, or foursquare.

Like, really, who needs to know my every single move? I don’t think I’m that interesting. Well, I’m kinda cool, but is it really necessary for you to know I went to Publix three times this week? Yeah, me either.

Back to the subject at hand. I am  going unplugged in an effort to do more purposeful things. Like, eat, pray, live, write and just be! It’s a good feeling to not be worried about what’s going on for a short period of time. When I return to the world of social media I’ll be sure to take it less seriously and share sparingly… Maybe 🙂

In addition to unplugging from social media, I’m somewhat unplugging from people. I haven’t counted the number of contacts in my phone, but I’m sure there are well over 100 numbers. Most of the numbers in my phone get no play. None. Zero. Not even a bit.

If I turned my phone off for a day or two not many people would notice unless they needed me for something. I don’t have a boyfriend so “he” wouldn’t really mind. With the exception of my mom, sister, and BFF, no one really contacts me. So, that select group of people will be notified of the hiatus and then I’ll go on with being unplugged.

A few years ago, I quit my teaching job and subsequently, my cellular phone was turned off. In no rush to get “reconnected” with society, I let it go off for close to 6 months. Now, it was inconvenient for other people, but boy oh boy, I was free. I wasn’t held accountable for missing anything. If someone wanted to get in contact with me, they had to call me. It brought me back to a simpler time, when people called to say hello; the Pre-Text days.

In stark contrast, I am addicted to my Blackberry. So much so, on Sunday, when I thought I’d lost it, I broke out in hives. Yes, folks, it was that serious! This was before the conversation and before I got the revelation that I was going to unplug. In hindsight, I really needed to do this unplugging thing a long time ago.

So, as I unplug, I’m making more time for me and during my off time, I’ll be praying, writing and getting to know what really makes me tick. I’m doing some introspective thinking so there will be tough moments. In the end, I want to find a balance. I’m on the road to greatness. I must do great things. Great people sometimes do things you don’t understand. Let me be great.


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One thought on “Unplugged…

  1. 2blu2btru says:

    I was without cable or internet for a while, like 2 months, once. I didn’t have any internet on my phone either. It was definitely quieter and I was able to read and think. When I moved on the 27th, I didn’t have anything set up. I got internet yesterday. I missed it so much! I’m not really on Facebook or Twitter that much, but I love Netflix watch instantly and blogging.

    I think everyone needs to detox, at least for a little bit. I purposely don’t have a Blackberry; they call them Crackberries around here. When you don’t have all of that at your fingertips, it’s amazing how much time you really have in a day. Good luck on your unplugged journey. 😀

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