In 2010 I….

1. Was blessed; like, really, blessed ❤
2. Formed a crush on Miami.
3. Gained and lost weight.
4. Returned someplace I vowed not to : The classroom.
5. Learned how to lose.
6. Was homeless (temporarily).
7. Dressed well.
8. Ate everything I wanted (see # 3).
9. Forgave relentlessly.
10.Grew as a woman.

I’m one of those people who doesn’t make resolutions, and this year will be no different. Reflecting back on the past 364 days, I’ve been ABUNDANTLY blessed! I’m so thankful for everything I went through this year. I smiled a lot. For the majority of this year I was unemployed and flying from the seat of my pants. I eventually found myself back into a classroom and with a steady paycheck – thank You, FATHER. My faith has been tested. I’ve been harder on myself than ever, but I’ve learned forgiveness of self and others. God has been such a Father to me this year; even when I felt like the daughter who snuck out her window a few times per week. I loved semi-hard this year. No new people though. I was guarded and overthought everything, like everything. It worked in my favor at times. At other times, not so much. I fell in love with myself and had a few emotional affairs that hurt me just a tad. I ate way too much sushi. My tears were caught before they hit my chest. This year was awesome. I walked in the rain. Got my fro wet. Sang “Happy Birthday” to him, him, and him. Only one was worthy. I brushed off enough. Learned to clean up after myself and woke up living all alone. I was refreshed. Focused to grow up quickly over the summer.

I fell in love with characters I created and grew as a writer. I put my dreams out there. I accepted criticism.

What I realize most about this year is that no matter what, God still loves me! He’s awesome. He gave me tons of friends and family (spiritual and biological) who love me. I want to love them more and give more of myself to them.

2011 will be awesome. Just you watch!


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