Just Friends

Hey all…

I’m  going to put it out there into the universe.  I just want to be friends.

There’s nothing like having a platonic male friend to bounce ideas off, give you a response driven by logic rather than emotion, or just be there to take out the trash.

Right now, while I’m healing, I don’t wanna go out on dates with faceless men who will mean absolutely nothing to me once I’m done eating or watching a movie or walking in the park… I just want a friend.

A friend who won’t  judge me for not cleaning up my room but will remind me that I should probably wash my clothes… A friend who won’t ask me if I’m going to perm my hair…

 One who will spend the day thrifting with me and watch ESPN repetitively so I can see KG’s interview again and again and again.

Just a friend who will treat me like the woman I am; because I’m not one of the guys.

Someone who’s after my best interest but not looking to fall in love with me.

Sure, I know the type who just wants to “be friends” but attempts a kiss at the end of a “hang out”… No, I don’t want one of those. We don’t even have to hug. A dap will suffice. But I prefer a fist bump.

Am I too late? I mean, seriously, do people my age (almost 30) still form new, platonic relationships?

Do guys just want to be friends or is everyone looking to  wife (or in a woman’s case, hub) someone up?

Yeah, so, a relationship is not in the forefront of my mind, but I’d like a true blue friend…. One who has a bit in common with me but doesn’t secretly love me… I’ll speak on this more soon… I’m sure.

I’m actually asking to put myself in the dreaded friend zone… (after all that complaining in the past, I actually WANT to be JUST  a friend?)


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4 thoughts on “Just Friends

  1. Marq Von says:

    LOL!! After moving to a new city, I feel the same way. Luckily I have my big brother up here, but I’m interested in just having a guy friend to kick it with just like my female friends.

    I don’t think having male friends ever go out style regardless of age. RIght???
    It’s healthy to have friends of both sexes where you have no past (ex boyfriend) and you’re not trying to “get with them”. More people, especially women, should desire this very thing a little more. Before jumping into the same type of relationships, it’s best to be able to befriend a male first… without hidden agendas. [just my opinion]

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  3. Saul_E_Adwele says:

    it is possible to be “JUST” friends with the opposite sex is,and it depend on the maturity, and mindset of both party.
    As far as my personal experiences goes…I have lot many “Female Friends” from different cities, different countries, from different age groups, married-unmarried-singles and now gender hardly matters to me. We discuss about our experiences, go out for dinner, movie, and picnic and also give comforts…if there are any issues at professional and personal fronts. i know for me once i put a female in the friends zone that’s where ( that’s normally where they stay…

  4. Aoki says:

    Chile u described my gay husband…..

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