Favorite Things Friday… Part 2

This week has been rather busy… It seems that someone from my school must’ve read the blog because on Wednesday, my schedule was changed – Thursdays are still my favorite days though.

So, just like last week, here are my favorite things for this week:

1. Lomo saltado

Of course I had to have one food item on the list. I’ve had this dish three times this week (yes, I’ve been cheating on my beloved sushi). It’s a Peruvian beef entree that’s stir-fried with tomatoes, red onions and served with white rice and french fries! Yum-o! I recommend going to The Peruvian King restaurant in North Miami Beach/Aventura, Florida.

2. Flat boots.


While I haven’t bought these  yet, I LOOOOVE them.

(Aldo at Aventura Mall didn’t have a size 11 and I wanted to see if they’d go down before I ordered them through the store.)

I’d wear them with shorts, jeans, a dress… just about anything. This style is perfect for spring and summer and would carry over well into fall as well.

3. Heart-shaped waffle maker.

I just copped one of these at Wal-Mart for next to nothing. I’m going to make them tonight! I can’t wait!!! I’ll let you know how they turn out. I love fresh waffles 🙂

4. The Big Bang Theory

While Sepia doesn’t watch much television, on  many a Thursday night (when I’m not tutoring or shopping or resting), I’ll catch this series. I “heart” Sheldon and his unwavering desire to always be right!  In my head, I’m going to appear on this show as Sheldon’s equally smart, but exaggeratedly fly, naturalista girlfriend. I’m thinking of buying all seasons (whichever are available) on DVD. 

5. Wet, Wild, Wonderful Plushglass by MAC

This is my staple lip color. It’s shimmery and has an ingredient that plumps the lips just a bit (not that I need it). It’s wearable and goes easily from day to night. At around $15, it’s worth the splurge. Your lips will thank you 🙂

Try out a few of my faves and let me know how you like them.

Have an ah-mazing, awe-inspiring weekend!

Just in case you’re wondering who I’m rooting for….

Black and Yellow!


Sepia Brown

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