“We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting.” – Khalil Gibran

i take the bus to school. it’s a statement, not a complaint. i’m sure i’ll write about transportation non-woes later, but this post is about something much deeper.

today, after i took the bus near the place where i inject knwledge intot the minds of pre- and post- pubescent girls and guys; after i made my wally-world run to pick up necessities i left by mistake, i walked through the long parking lot that takes me closer to school. instead of catching another bus, i walked past home depot. the sun was beaming. just like every other morning -when i walk that route- the flowers were out. i walked past. then something inside me said, ‘those are too beautiful not to share.’

the colors made me slow down and smile. i wanted to stay there forever and examine the intricacies of their shape, the blend of  colors.

with my blackberry, i snapped a few shots of the varying shades of God-created petals. i touched some and sniffed at one in particular that i thought was lavender. i smiled and thought about planting my own garden.

i thought about my friend, Josie, a photographer (her work can be found at JosephineLeily), whose bio i worked on a few weeks ago. she was chosen to show her images at a gallery and she rocked! she told me she captures people in their natural environment and finds beauty in everything.

beauty in everything.

finding beauty involves the heart. it is personal. it is internal.

here’s the beauty i found:

not sure of the names, but aren't they beautiful? -Photo courtesy My Blackberry

I thought these were lavender until I sniffed. Love this color! -Photo courtesy My Blakcberry


The fuschia color just pops! -Photo courtesy My Blackberry

find some beauty today. and share

Sepia Brown

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  1. Awww I’m glad someone as special of you thought of me when you saw such beauty! Thanks for sharing because they are beautiful! It’s crazy because besides people, flowers were my second favorite subjects to shoot when I first started! You and I have a little field trip to take! And to add to your closing…Finding Beauty…It is Intentional. = ) Love you sis!

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