Pretty Enough?

While walking errands on my lunch break yesterday, I passed a beauty supply store and saw this:

Does "clear" mean closer to white?


I almost walked by, but something in me was disgusted enough to stop and snap a photo.

This product is boasting  an increase of beauty.

Is the woman not pretty enough because her skin is darker?

Sure, we’ve had this conversation time and time again. Some of our people have been conditioned to think that lighter is right or anything close to white is better than being dark.

I’m tired of it all. My black people are beautiful regardless of skintone; whether  high yellow or eggplant.


Let us love ourselves.


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One thought on “Pretty Enough?

  1. JasiriJ says:

    Uugghhhh! I am SO naive to have thought “we” were beyond this… and it’s not just black folk. It’s all “people of color”. 2 weeks ago, a hispanic woman (who was darker than me) actually yelled on the train that she hated blacks and she wished that they would all drop dead. Indians hold the fairer skinned in higher regard. Crazy when “people of color” are already the increasing majority of the global population, yet so many of us still buy into the “white is right” nonsense because of worldly values. Funny thing about this ad is that the chocolatey version of the model is more aesthetically pleasing than her caramel reflection. And again, Uugghhh! Can we make some progress at some point? The picture of beauty is good health. Skin tone is so irrelevant.

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