Such a Fool….. For You

Whats that real, that deep, that burnin, that amazing,
unconditional, inseperable LOVE!
That feel like forever, that always emotional but still
exceptional LOVE!
Can’t nobody tell me nothin, it is what it is!
ANDDD every mistake you make I, I  just may
OHH! Right now! Right now! at this very moment, still
love her like I loved her then!
OHH! I love her in and out and up and down and round
and round and all ova and all ova again!
Sooo rare they swear that YOUUU! just dont exist!
ANDDD! its only one person I can think of make me feel
like this!
I’m a foooooooooool! Such a fooooooool! For Youuuuuuuu!

– Cee – Lo Green, Fool For You


 I loooove that song and I can relate.

Ever been so in love you do silly things?

Write your names together on a piece of paper over and over again.

Breathe on the phone until someone falls asleep.

Forgive them time and time again.

Foolishly accept apologies when you KNOW the person will commit the same act again.

Well, I have. I’ve been a fool in love, but not in friendship. I know it seems to be a different realm of relationships, but relationships are relationships are relationships. Whether with your mom, co-worker, mail carrier, sister, the cute guy in the produce section, or your nosey neighbor, our life revolves around relationships with others.

Though we weigh some more heavily than others, the health of those relationships depends on a number of things: consistency, communication, conflict resolution and forgiveness; just to name a few.

While recently I had a friendship somewhat fall apart, I’m preparing myself to foolishly seek a way to mend that broken bond. I say foolishly because I’m sure most people would just allow the past friendship to dissolve. I’m on a new journey to be a better forgiver; a better me. So, with me being better, I must cast away those old thoughts on forgiveness.

 Forgiveness of an offender has nothing to do with that person, but more to do with my heart. Most times when people offend you, they leave those hurt feelings with you and go on to live their lives happily ever after. Moreover, if someone has no idea that you are offended by their actions it’s even worse. Said offender’s level of contentment following the incident may seem heightened by the one(s) on the receiving end since there are wounded feelings involved. You’ll see that person traipsing along, maybe in a mall, smiling and feeling great. You’ll think to yourself How could s/he be so happy with knowing what s/he did to me!!! The nerve of her/him to move on with her/his life so soon after *insert offending behavior*.


Wrong attitude.

The right stance to take, after addressing the person calmly face-to-face, would be that of forgiver. Don’t take anything personally. If, after conversation concerning the offense, the offender fails to apologize, you still forgive.  Sound foolish?

Forgiveness is about restoring your connection with God. To be forgiven, you must forgive. This morning, as I did a word study on forgiveness, as I broke the word down, I found that the word forgiveness, when broken down, means to give before, grant permission, to accept in love.

In Luke 17: 3-4 [AMP], Jesus says:

3 Pay attention and always be on your guard [looking out for one another]. If your brother sins (misses the mark), solemnly tell him so and reprove him, and if he repents (feels sorry for having sinned), forgive him.

    4And even if he sins against you seven times in a day, and turns to you seven times and says, I repent [I am sorry], you must forgive him (give up resentment and consider the offense as recalled and annulled).

Forgiveness, though not the easiest concept to adopt, is essential for peace of mind. It’s a part of  God’s plan. He forgave, so, who are we that we can not forgive? Haven’t you done something to smoeone you wish you could take back? What about the unforgivable sin you may have committed and God allowed you to live another day?

My aim is to walk worthy of my calling and to keep all my relationships in good standing. I know there are a few that need a little work and I’m willing to look silly, foolish, and down right dumb to be in right standing with God. Sure, some friends and family will say, “[Sepia], it’s not your fault. S/he knows what s/he did. S/he knows better.”  But in the end, my salvation is priceless.

So, looks like I have a silly phone call to make.  Either way it turns out, I’ll be better in the end.

Silly Sepia is Such a Fool…. For You.


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One thought on “Such a Fool….. For You

  1. Saul_E_Adwele says:

    I Believes in living with the consequences of his actions…and prefers relationships (of all sorts) with people who do also. There’s no relationship at all if one can’t be accountable. For their mistakes or at least acknowledge it… admitting your wrong doing to someone is called …Human up!
    Especially if it has to do with matters of the heart… because
    The heart is a complex muscle; it remembers its tears and bruises, even when courage tries to disremember, even when in-healing. How does the heart forgive love or friendships gone-bad when loving got it there in the first place? Take a break? I usually refuse the things that get it there: touch, kiss, cuddle, and promises to be broken again… today, I would rather never love again, if it means hurting like that again…
    But I’m coping with the grace of god, knowing that those things happen for a reasons and its part of my lessons thru this journey call life.
    And I will echo that line you mention at the end too… I’m willing to look silly, foolish, and down right dumb to be in right standing with God


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