The Great Transportation Debacle

My name is [Sepia Brown] and I do NOT own a car.

* insert collective gasp*

Yes, I’m fully aware that it’s 2011 and there are dangerous people out there who want to attack beautiful women walking in the dark and make them their love slaves, but I feel pretty safe.

I work, live, run, and play in the same area. God set it up that way, so I don’t really worry about transportation on an everyday basis. 

How do I get around? The bus.

My daily chauffeur. Always on time. No complaints.

Can I afford a car? Yup.

Will I buy a car anytime soon? The jury’s still out on that one.

Buying a car would add a few unnecessary and unwanted bills.

The cost of the car (even if I don’t finance, the car isn’t free).

 GAS!!! (I almost fainted just typing that word.)

Car Insurance.

I’d much rather save up for something more valuable.

Walking in style!!! Ha!

I’ve weighed the pros and cons of having vs. not having a car. It’s something I can live without.

My dad constantly asks when I’m going to get a car (when he buys me one). People in my neighborhood wonder what a “pretty girl like me” is doing walking. (Doesn’t everyone have the capacity to walk?)

 We’ve been conditioned to think that not having a car is a sense of poverty. Well, the last time I checked I was neither poor or struggling.  Don’t get me wrong, if someone wants to purchase a 2011 black on black C-Class Mercedes for a poor young woman like myself, feel free. Contact me for my address!!!

Sure, a car is a necessity for some.  Not me. If I had a car I’d still take the bus. A bus ride is $2. You can’t get a gallon of gas for that much. Do the math. Imagine how much you’d save if you took public transportation just a few days per week.

I travel by bus almost every day. The people who love me and “tolerate” my lack of vehicular transportation pick me up and take me places only when I need them to.  I’m pretty independent. I hardly, if ever, call my BFF and say, “Hey, BFF, could you take me to *insert random place Sepia needs to go*”

Out of necessity I have mastered the Miami-Dade Transit System. What else would I do, wait for someone to come and get me?

Just tap and goooo!!! This is what a bus card looks like now, for all of you who haven't ridden a bus since middle school. (Like the old me)

A few years ago, you couldn’t beat me on a bus. Me? Take the bus? Ha! Yeah, right!!!

But I’ve grown a bit, and  for close to 2 years, living in NYC, I didn’t drive once. My mode of transportation was the subway or city bus or cab. Cab fare gets expensive, so I was mainly swiping my Metro-Card to get from place to place. Yes, I’m aware that Miami is NOT New York and that things are spaced farther away, but that’s no excuse for me.

But what about dates, Sepia?

What about them? The bus goes EVERYWHERE.

Sure, right now, I’m not really actively dating, but when I start again on Neverary 32, 2110, I’m certain I won’t have a car then either. My supposed plan is that I’ll meet up with the guy.  Generally, men like to pick you up and drop you off. Since I don’t need the inconvenience of having someone know where I live, I’ll pass on that. I can “bus” it.

What if the date is late? Um, simple. Don’t set late dates. There are tons of things I can do between 5 and 9 pm. My mode of transportation will certainly get me home at a decent hour. I’m sure I’ll probably never get a husband with no car! #sarcasm

I don’t want any of my readers to think I’m lacking something. I’m not. I just don’t have a car. It’s a choice. I choose not to buy one.  Everyone has choices. Do with your money what you choose to. Make smart money decisions though. We are still in a recession.

In response to the awkward looks I get when I’m at the grocery store and get  asked where I parked and reply, “the bus stop”: I don’t have DUI’s. I CAN drive (depending on who you ask). There’s nothing wrong with me. My legs work. I’m not an alien so stop looking at me crazy when I say I take the bus.

Taking the bus has allowed me to see parts of the city I wouldn’t normally drive through. I meet new people everyday. I’ve lost like 7 lbs just walking – another NYC trait (sometimes I’ll walk long distances in lieu of taking the bus or jitney).  I’m more patient and time-conscious. And dare I say willing to date a guy without a car.

See, as a woman, it’s not a huge deal for me not to have a car, but men (in Florida and other cities where public transportation isn’t the sole means of in-town travel) have a different perspective on the matter.

I’d be open to hanging out with a guy without transportation because I’ve done it before. In the end, it’s just a car. It’ll teach sacrifice – especially if we don’t live in the same area.

Sure, I’m saying this as a single person with no responsibilities and I understand that once you add a child or groceries or a heavy box to the mix things get really complicated, but really weigh your needs vs. wants. Do I need a car? Not really.

Sometimes, when I wake up late, or need something really urgently, or it’s raining, or cold, or hot outside, I wish, for that inkling of a moment, that I owned a car. But there’s always someone I can call or someone calling me to make sure I have a way. For that, I’m thankful.

How necessary is having a car in your life?  Share.


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4 thoughts on “The Great Transportation Debacle

  1. MissFathiyyah says:

    I wish I could say the same…I can definitely feel u when u say it teaches u some things…I joke all the time about how I’m gonna start walking if gas for a up one more cent…but never end up walking…lol…I think that NYC experience showed u some things that u might not have learned had u not went…I admire your feelings about this cuz I’m not as patient or as content with life without a car…did that just sound bad???? :-/

    • sepiabrown says:

      Thanks, Fathiyyah (why do I always wanna spell, Tia, like “Thiyyah” I digress)… It doesn’t sound bad. You’re just accustomed to your way of doing things. If I hadn’t moved to NY, I would’ve been still driving around with those same thoughts. It was a growth period and now it’s a way of life for me. I’m not trying to convert anyone (well, maybe a few) and it’s not for the environment (even though it helps reduce my carbon footprint). Any-who, thanks for your thoughts 🙂

  2. A car may not be all that importante in this life now, because my husband has a car. So if i’d only learn to drive his then I wouldnt need mine. But…. I NEEDED a car when i lived in Atlanta. If you lived in Metro ATL then yopu wouldnt really need a car because the buses run in the Metro area. But, if you lived on the outskirts of the city and you had no car, or no ride…whewww! That means you probaby had no job. Most people commute at least 1 to 1.5hrs to work. So if you lived outside the city…. you would be late. At the moment I live in a city where i think buses run pretty much all over but I have never in my life caught one here. But, i live a kinda fats pased life where I got to work and go to meeting at church various times throughout the week and I am also starting school, i grocery shop and do other jobs relating to my side gig and a hairstylist/ MUA. So i CANT sit and wait on a bus to get around when I have to be somewhere in the nexy 15-20 minutes. I am thankful for my car. The previous one I had caught afire due to electrical problems… never had an issue with that car but one day it was ablaze in my front yard. Thankfully enough, i had full coverage insurance and since that car was paid for, I was given money by the insurance company and I saved atop of that and used that moola as a DP for my new car. This car is almost paid off… so I will not be getting a new one afterwards…unless… like you said… someone buys you one with no strings. Gas is a beast, car payments can be a pain… plus you have the yearly Ad Velorum fees that you have to pay. Uggghhh! The bus is like a chauffeur of some sort! Its a good thing… I think it saves you money but…. that time and waiting for it to come… in the hot sun and poring raining…. uggghhh! Thats something! >>>> ok back to work i Go!

  3. RONALO says:

    If I could convince Jay Deuces to buy a condo in Downtown Miami the red spaceship would be returned in a New York minute. I need to take out stock in Exxon Mobil $$$$$ as of today the company’s stock quote is $84.60 a share! I’d be on my way to becoming wealthy.

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