short + sweet

The title of this post is in no way describing me. (Well, not the short part, but I’m a sweet gal )

Just wanted to share a few things that happened since I last posted:

1. I attended Word Camp Miami!

All WordPress bloggers should attend.  Super informative.


2. I saw an old/new side of Miami.


3. I smiled.


4. I met new people.


5. I got over “it”.


6. Did I say I smiled?


7.  I stepped up to the plate.

8. I formed a CRUSH!!!! (Not even sure when/where/HOW this one happened)


9. I shared the funniest inside joke with my older sister! Lauren Conrad!!!


10. I had a breakthrough!


When you let God do what He has to do, and move yourself out of the way, MY LORD, it gets better and better and better!

God is so amazing. He never gave up on me; even when I gave up on me! I have so many thoughts and projects and blessings swimming in my head. Once I’m done checking them off, you’ll know all about them. Thanks for praying for me, dealing with me, commenting me off  the ledge and just plain old listening.

Thanks for being AWESOME readers!


Sepia ❤

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3 thoughts on “short + sweet

  1. Yipppeeee! Great great things are in store. They will sort themselves out in your head soon enough. “All things work together for the good of those that love the Lord and are called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28. With empty and out stretched hands we make ourselves readily available for God’s use. Coming to God with no luggage, He gives us every thing we need day to day to accomplish every task he sets before us. He is gonna catapult you and use you for his glory as your allow you heart to remain open. Your life will speak and be a testimony for those connected to you, near and far. STREEETTTCCCHHHHHHH!

  2. RonaLo says:

    Lauren…….I’m glad we can share this joke!

  3. Saul_EAdwele says:

    Great read…i always say that you are an amazing woman… and that there is nothing but joy in you and The more of your world you put in God hands, he will places YOU at the center of where you’re suppose to be,the more worndeful blessings will come your way and everything you touch will flourish…….

    i always say have faith in all you do.:-)


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