What Teaching Has Taught Me

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!!!


Go thank a teacher if you can read these words… Okay, now come back 🙂

Five days per week I get the privilege of educating sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students in mathematics. I never ever thought I’d be a teacher. It’s something that sort of happened. After undergrad, I fell in love, moved back home to Miami and found myself without a job. After being under-employed for close to a year, at the advice of a veteran teacher at my  congregation, I began the process of becoming an educator.

Sure, it was rough journey, and I’m most certain I’m nowhere near being the perfect instructor, but, six years later,  I’m more engrained in the craft of education.

Today, I asked various students what they thought about Ms. Lott and here’s what they had to say:

“Ms. Lott, you’re cool. I learn more easily in your class.”

“You make math fun. I actually understand math now.”

“Ms. Lott is a smart, young, beautiful, classy teacher with a serious side. She knows what she is doing.”


“You explain the lessons very well.”

“She cares about her students’ education.”

When asked what was most memorable about me as a teacher, they said:

“Ms. Lott is creative and funny. I will always remember her big, bushy hair.”

“You don’t care about anyone’s opinion of you. You’re independent. No one in the school dresses the way you do.”


“I’ll remember your hair covering the board while you’re writing notes.”


“I will never forget how to solve linear equations.”

“I will remember your excitement for teaching and the way you sang to us.”

Above all, I’m learning that my students are actually listening when I lecture. My presence means a lot to them. I am a necessary element to their success. 

In the role of teacher, I am blessed with the opportunity to learn so much. This year I learned:

1. The true meaning of pi.

2. A few choice Haitian-Creole phrases.

3. I matter.

4. When you set high expectations and options on how to surpass those expectations, anything is possible.

5. How to dougie!!! (Well, not as well as First Lady Michelle Obama, but still.)

When I’m too tired to grade another paper, on the verge of calling in sick, I’ll remember why I teach: to inspire, to encourage, to fuel the future.

According to my students, Ms. Lott is:

“… a strict teacher.”

“…creative, tall, funny, and caring.”

“…nice, caring, thoughtful, and hard-working.”

“… one of the BEST math teachers I’ve had so far!”


My students/learners/balls of inspiration gave me confirmation that I am, in fact, doing something right!

What a way to make a girl’s day!

Sepia (Ms. Lott) Brown

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One thought on “What Teaching Has Taught Me

  1. Marckly says:

    I never knew that about you Ms. Lott B) lol

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