Today I took a half day at work. I thought I would be way busier than I was but my mom actually handled quite a few of the errands I had to run. Thanks, Mom.

I traipsed around the mall looking for something pink to wear to a homegoing celebration. I guess pink isn’t the “it” color this season because I couldn’t find anything. I guess I’ll be wearing something old. I did, however, pick up a new lipstick. “Girl About Town” by M.A.C. It’s a great pink/magenta color that makes my lips look great! I loved the shade on a friend of mine so much that I had to pick it up for myself.

I treated myself to lunch at Grand Lux and while awaiting the arrival of my lunch , my sister’s favorite,  the short rib sloppy joe, a short gentleman came and sat at the bar  a couple seats down from me. (Sidenote: I sit at the bar because the service is faster and I actually like engaging in conversation with strangers.) 

I saw him see me and we said hello with our eyes. As he was about to speak, my food came out and I said a short prayer. “What’s that?” He asked, pointing at the delicious, non-nutritious mound of saucy beef and bread.

“Short rib sloppy joe. It’s deelish!” I exclaimed.

He flipped through the menu, still unsure as to what he would order while I offered him a piece of my sandwich to sample. He turned down my offer and I kept eating. During our conversation, I found out he was a 30 year old Muslim named Ahmal. From Ohio. Graduated from Ohio State. Employee at Bloomingdale’s. Wasn’t impressed with either Cheesecake Factory or Grand Lux and was in search of real soul food. I asked where he had been to find great mac n cheese and his reply? Mahogany Grille. To any non-Miamians, that’s like going to Red Lobster looking for high quality seafood.

He eventually ordered the short rib sandwich and conversed with me for about twenty minutes until his food arrived. At first bite he loved it. The delight was short-lived. He tasted a hint of mustard which made his tastebuds go awry. Maybe his hunger trumped the distaste because he was finished in no time.

He scrunched his nose in disgust and wondered why he had chosen my sister’s fave. I apologized and asked for his check. I surveyed the total and picked up the tab.  I mean, it was my suggestion, right? He tried to stop me but, seriously, who turns down a free meal?

Throughout our conversation on Blackness, the lack of a Black American community in South Florida, Christianity, Islam, soul food, bacon and my lack of poetry skills, I could tell he was interested. The exchange of words was cool, but I wasn’t there for that. I simply wanted a short rib sandwich. The talking points were a plus.

I rose, retrieved my change (from his bill) and put my belongings away.

“So, isn’t this the part where I get your number?” He assumed.

“Not really.”

I left him puzzled, I’m sure. I simply walked away. He did nothing to me. There was no turn off points. There were no turn on points either.

Sure, there was an opportunity to build a friendship but I didn’t want to force anything. I wanted to go home and take a nap. So, I did.

My magenta lips pursed into a smile, I clicked my heels without a doubt or look back. Besides, it was just lunch.

Maybe I already have everything and everyone I need in my life?

Until next time…


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One thought on “friday

  1. Awesomeness!!!

    Great Writing! But………. You more than a little bit wrong for leaving dude wanting like that. =)

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