Sepia Eats: Bulldog Burger

One Sunday, while playing hooky from evening service (God please forgive us), Rumplestilskin and I were riding down Biscayne Boulevard en route to our usual locale, and his favorite, Cheesecake Factory. Though I could eat my weight in their sweet corn tamale cakes I wanted something different.
“Sep, let’s try that place,” Rumple said, pointing toward a well-kept strip mall that I had passed countless times.

“Uh, sure, why not?”

Rumple made a u-turn and soon we were walking into the red-brick walled eatery. A couple and their canine greeted us before we were promptly seated at the table nearest the bar.

The menu, hot pink and black against white, was simply labeled and gave us a snapshot of the culinary offerings (Snacks (apps),  Grass (salads), Meat (well, uh, meat), Biscuits (sandwiches),  Gulps (drinks), Fixin’s (sides) Puppy Chow (kids’ menu) ).

Bulldog Burger is an offshoot of the connected Bulldog Barbecue. It’s basically the front bar area of the larger restaurant. You can order from either menu whether sitting in the Burger or Barbecue section of Bulldog. I didn’t get the separation of the two restaurants (Rumple pointed out to me that since we only had a party of two, they sat us at a smaller table that just happened to be in the front).

Any-who, on to the food.

The burgers, with their clever names, were ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!!

I ordered the Hunk-A-Burning Love Burger.  An ode to Elvis, this half pound Angus Burger hosts cheddar cheese, bacon, spicy peanut butter and, of course, banana jam! My lawd!!! It was like a celebration on my tastebuds. All the flavors married perfectly and boy was I satisfied!


The Hunk-A-Burning Love Burger (with Rumplestliskin's bacon) Super Yummy. Peep the chunky banana jam!

Rumple ordered the Black Angus Burger which came dressed with spicy mayo, mesculun, tomatoes, onion, cheddar cheese and bacon (which he got on the side – so I could add it to my heart attack sandwich – since he’s anti-pork). He substituted the Angus Beef for ground turkey for an extra buck and we dug right in.


Black Angus Burger (with Turkey instead of Angus Beef)

Our fixins were corn bread, corn on the cob, and an amazing house salad. We gulped on lemonade, made with simple syrup and the slightest squeeze of fresh lemon; a refreshing way to wash down the thousands of calories.


Corn on the Cob


House Salad (with tomatoes, carrots, fresh corn, red onions, field greens, and a nice light vinaigrette)

Overall, my first dining experience at Bulldog Burger was great. Rumple and I even ordered take-out while watching the Finals game. It’s definitely a place to go chill with a few friends for an afternoon bite.


We really enjoyed ourselves 🙂

Upon further investigation (aka googling) I found out that Bulldog Burger was named one of the Top 10 New Restaurants in the Nation by Bon Appetit Magazine.  The brains behind the Bulldog is none other than Howie “Bulldog” Kleinberg of Top Chef Miami fame.

Though I only crave burgers a few times per year, I would return to Bulldog Burger and even try some of the barbecue menu. On a scale of 1-10, I give Bulldog Burger a solid 8. The quality of the food for the price and warm ambience is well worth it. With the extras added on to our bill (you have to pay for each side), everything came up to around $30 which isn’t too bad for a party of two.

Pros: Great burgers, quick service, reasonable prices.
Cons: They close at 10pm.

Check out Bulldog Burger the next time you’re in the mood for a great burger. You won’t be disappointed!

Rumplestilskin unaware that I'm snapping pics of him (or that I'm posting them on my blog-shhh!)


Sepia, waiting for yummy lunch.

Tell ’em Sepia sent ya!


Bulldog Barbecue/Burger

15400 Biscayne Boulevard

North Miami, FL, 33160

(305) 940-9655

Open Daily: 12p – 10p

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3 thoughts on “Sepia Eats: Bulldog Burger

  1. rae jones says:

    Omg… I can’t wait to check this out the next time I’m in town. The reminds me a burger spot in Atlantic called FLIP and one here in Tally called Monk’s. They both have some awesome and unique burgers. Thanks for sharing your experience. This goes on our foodie bucket list.

  2. Candace says:

    I so miss the south!!! :-(.. What a cute restaurant. Those burgers look tasty.

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