Friday Thoughts…



I haven’t written down my thoughts in forever, it seems. I hope you’re all enjoying Tawny and all that she has brought to my blog. It’s a challenge to create characters and conflict. I try really hard not to draw too much from real life, but it happens.


It’s Friday and my week has been spent mostly indoors because it’s so HOT in Miami. I wrote the majority of my blog posts on Monday.

Monday night I attended my first Divas’ Devotion with a group of sisters from my congregation. I was able to vent, share, and encourage my sisters in Christ. It’s amazing to see how much people are really holding on to. It made my burdens seem so much lighter.


Tuesday night, I went to the Biscayne Triangle Truck Roundup better known as Heaven on Earth. BTTR is held on the campus of Johnson and Wales University and hosts over 30 specialty food trucks. OMGoodness!!! It was a foodie field trip. Rumple and I had fish tacos from Nacho Bizness and Jefe’s. I had chocolate gelato from Peccati (cute twin sisters who were featured on Food Truck Fridays on CBS4). I love gelato! Like, soooo much. We also had flavored ice from a truck that I won’t mention because no one needs to go there (read: rip off!).

On Wednesday, I exercised (unsuccessfully), left the gym early due to light headedness, and rested most of the day. I think I’m feeling the effects of my age (eek). I have to press restart tomorrow when I return to the gym. I also went to prayer service at church. I asked for prayers for spiritual strength because I want to grow in all areas of my life. Along with asking for physical well-being, I also sent up a few requests for friends (you) and family.

Thursday was a slow day. I wrote most of the day, cleaned, organized my closet, folded allll my clothes,  and cooked dinner. That’s it.


Today, Friday, I made brunch (salmon croquettes and cornmeal with fruit on the side), wrote a little, and order pizza which I’m now eating in between typing this post. It’s been a great week and I’m realizing that I only have a week and a half before school starts… Let the countdown begin.



Hope you all have a Fabulous Friday!

Tawny will be back tomorrow…


♥ Sepia

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One thought on “Friday Thoughts…

  1. Sherika says:

    Hi Sepia! Just wanted you to know I’m enjoying Tawny! Can’t wait for the next post! Happy writings my friend.

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