Never Too Busy: Days 1 & 2



Day 1: People Watch


I absolutely looove people watching. As someone who creates characters, people watching allows me to give a face, accent, idiosyncracy to a character I may be unsure about.  People watching intrigues me. It allows me to be more social. As I’m typing this post, I’m sitting at my local Starbucks, people watching.


Across from me are two fashionable friends chatting it up. One of them is wearing short shorts and boots. She’s fly. The other is wearing a navy blue dress with ruffles down the front. I wonder where their friendship started.


People watching gives me fashion inspiration.

It’s a free field trip.

The best places to people watch are places where lots of people frequent. My favorite places to people watch are:


Sidewalk cafés

Music Festivals



Grocery Stores


The key to successful people watching is to glance, not ogle longingly.

Try it out!



Day 2: Clean Up Your Room


Sigh. Who loves to clean up?

Growing up, I was the worst roommate ever to my older sister. Like, seriously. I HATED CLEANING UP! I was an obscene age when I actually learned how to properly clean up.

When you know better, do better, right? So, now, every Saturday, I clean up my room thoroughly. Since my week is such a blur at times, I tend to just throw my clothes everywhere. By the end of the week I forget what my floor looks like. Clothes, shoes, accessories tend to blanket my room until around Friday night/Saturday morning when I am able to find the time to actually pick up after myself without being late.


When my room is clean, it’s a place where I can relax, enjoy the work I put into decorating it with different patterns of black and white paisley. I clean with lavender Fabuloso and I love that scent, so that’s an incentive of tidying up.


I’m sure once I acquire a larger living space there will be much more work and I might not look forward to cleaning everything, but at least I’ll know how.


Sepia ♥

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One thought on “Never Too Busy: Days 1 & 2

  1. Miss Lucy says:

    Lol! So glad you’re doing the challenge!

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