Never Too Busy

So, I admitted I have commitment issues. In addition to being a commitment-phobe, I also claim to be super busy (hence not blogging for over a month).

From my blog to God’s ears.
One of my favorite, fabulous, fashionable bloggers, Miss Lucy (who blogs at  Miss Lucy’s Blog) challenged me (and other readers/bloggers) to find time to live!

Since school started over a month ago, I have been busy balancing teaching, working after school, tutoring loved ones, trying to be a good girlfriend (not too successful at that), maintaining friendships and looking halfway decent while doing so.  While I don’t need another thing to add to my daily list, I should find time to live (so I’ll have something to blog about).

I’m so up for the challenge. If you want to do it, (a little late, like me, since it was supposed to start on Saturday) join in the fun!!!

Here are the details copied from Miss Lucy’s Blog:

Alrighty folks, below is the list. Laugh at some of them. But make sure you DO IT!!! Remember, this is all about making time for things you like to do. Hey, lets call it “the art of being less busy”. Why not. And you may not like to do the things on this list. By all means, substitute it for something else. I kinda worked this list around my schedule. I also tried to keep you Greys Anatomy folks in mind, lol. But the gist of this whole thing is to make time for each and every thing for 31 days.

I will post the first thing in the morning each day, elaborating on the tasks of the day. Got it? Good. Lets go.
Day One: People watch.
Day Two: Clean your room.
Day Three: Attend a networking event (or networking with someone).
Day Four: Research a topic you’ve always wanted to know more about.
Day Five: Read a few chapters from your favorite book or (like me) a book you haven’t completed yet.
Day Six: Brainstorm/strategize. Write out your future.
Day Seven: Take one thing off your “to do” list that you’ve been avoiding.
Day Eight: Take a silly picture of yourself and explain how you were feeling at the moment.
Day Nine: Make a new dish.
Day Ten: Work on a creative project.
Day Eleven: Rent a funny movie and laugh uncontrollably.
Day Twelve: Introduce yourself to someone new. Start a conversation with them.
Day Thirteen: Get me bodies! Dance to your favorite song.
Day Fourteen: Create a vision board.
Day Fifteen: No social media. (No twitter, no facebook)
Day Sixteen: Do a community service activity.
Day Seventeen: Go out for ice cream.
Day Eighteen: Sell some old stuff/de-clutter.
Day Nineteen: Play a board game.
Day Twenty: Meditate.
Day Twenty-One: Do something daring.
Day Twenty-two: Take a bath.
Day Twenty-three: Make a youtube video.
Day Twenty-four: Listen to music you wouldn’t normally listen to.
Day Twenty-Five: Ask someone out on a date.
Day Twenty-Six: Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time.
Day Twenty-Seven: Create a budget for the weekend.
Day Twenty-Eight: Learn a few new words in a language other than your native tongue.
Day Twenty-Nine: Create a wish list or bucket list.
Day Thirty: Have a conversation with someone of another race/gender/culture/religion/political view etc, and be open to their perspective.
Day Thirty-One:Create a list of 31 things you’re grateful for.

I’m posting two separate posts today and will be right on time tomorrow morning.

Leave your blog name  or twitter handle and let’s get committed to finding time to live!

Sepia ♥

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2 thoughts on “Never Too Busy

  1. Danzo Pratt says:

    Ok, I’m in. I’ve been thinking about getting back into blogging for the last 2 years… I’m gonna go for it.. In fact, I’ve already wrote my two posts.

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