Never Too Busy – Day 3

Day 3 – Attend a Networking Event or Network With Someone


Your network is your net worth.  Really it is. Every job I’ve ever landed was through a connection. I can remember being an unemployed, recent college graduate with a shiny, new, almost-irrelevant Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. I couldn’t find a suitable job to save my life. I had always had an interest in teaching and had even volunteered as such during college. Many members at the congregation I attended were teachers and administrators so they pointed me in the right direction and I was hired after my first interview.


Now, I’m in my sixth year of teaching and I’m pretty sure my network of teachers had something to do with that.


Networking is a weakness of mine. I tend to shy away from happy hours posing as networking events because that’s not really my cup of tea. I’d much rather have a sober conversation about my in-progress novel or the non-profit I’m working on with a couple of my girlfriends.


I do most of my networking, well, on the net. Twitter is an excellent way to reach hundreds of thousands of like-minded people in any field imaginable. I have learned about bloggers’ conferences and online courses through Twitter. I find it less intimidating and easier to build a relationship versus the forced, “hi I’m Sepia and I write stuff… who are you” conversations.

Also, Facebook is an avenue in which your brand can shine through online networking. With a simple click, possible collaborators, contributors and, even sponsors can “like” your page and get access to whatever it is you have to offer.

(FYI, you can click the badge and “Like” Sepia Says on Facebook, too 😉  )


In an attempt to increase my blog’s network, I reached out to Ashley at A Sassy Woman. We had an awesome time shopping and supporting a local business this past weekend. (Post coming soon) We “met” on Facebook and if this weekend’s activities are any indication, it is th start of a great relationship.

You don’t need a formal event to network. Make connections at the grocery store or standing in line at the bank. Start up a conversation and you never know who you might meet.

Here are a few sites for online networking: (search your field with hashtag (i.e. #writingjobs, #itjobs, etc)





How/ where do you network?






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2 thoughts on “Never Too Busy – Day 3

  1. Miss Lucy says:

    What’s your Twitter handle?

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