Never Too Busy – Day 4

Day 4: Research a topic you’ve always wanted to know more about


Some might say I’m a well of useless information. I love trivia, pop culture, medical terminology and I have a great relationship with words. Shows like Jeopardy really get me going. Outside of academia and researching graduate programs that might suit me, I’ve always been interested in polygamy.


Yes, you read that right, polygamy. I know I could never share a husband (or boyfriend, so I pray that Rumple doesn’t have any weird ideas). Not only am I selfish, but I demand enough attention alone.


My interest in polygamous relationships was sparked from watching a few episodes of Big Love. When I lived in NY and had a massive amount of free time, instead of blog, I would watch Big Love  On-Demand. I watched the first two seasons in a matter of days and I was hooked.


If any reader wants to get Sepia a great gift, she would LOOOOVE the entire series of Big Love on dvd, pleaseandthankyou.

Shortly after I discovered Big Love, there was a bust on the compound of an LDS polygamist and their supersize homes and herds of children were exposed. Of course Auntie Oprah did a story on it and took us into their living rooms. Dozens of women and girls dressed in absurd modesty sat and talked about living on the compound and mostly their hairstyles which gave me extra life!!!

The hair is just... YES!

Aside from watching the interviews I wondered what it was like having eight moms and thirty five siblings living in one house. I also thought about how I would feel if my parents allowed me to be married off at age fourteen to someone who could be related to me. Sounds creepy, but I was INTRIGUED! (Not by possible incest, but just the life.)


Though polygamy was accepted in Biblical times it is pretty much shunned. Through my research I’ve found that it is a felony in certain states and though polygamists often cite religious beliefs as support to their marital status, they can be given jail time if caught.


As a Christian woman, it’s not for me. Period. There are instances of polygamy in the Old Testament, but since Jesus arrived, that was put away with. One husband and one wife should suffice? Right?


What have you researched lately?



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One thought on “Never Too Busy – Day 4

  1. Danzo Pratt says:

    Wow! Polygamy?? Okay, I can dig it. Well, not the having multiple wives part, but, the…. You know what I mean.

    Great Post!

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