Never Too Busy – Day 5

Day 5 –  Read a few chapters from your favorite book or a book you haven’t completed yet.


I love(d) reading. When I was a child I would often spend all day lost in a book. The characters, the plot, the setting, all the literary elements kept my attention better than any television show. 


I could never choose just one work of fiction to claim as my favorite. As I got older, the books got longer, more in-depth. I found myself reading adult fiction mostly by African American authors. Amongst my favorites has to be Terry McMillan. She can tell a story. I read my first Terry McMillan book in middle school. In hindsight, I had no business even thinking about exhaling.

Nowadays, I barely have time to read (hence the challenge). I have a copy of Memoirs of a Geisha that I bought at a thrift store in New York. The writing is impeccable and makes me want to travel to a distant land, but I still haven’t gotten past the fourth chapter.  The book is somewhere packed away with most of my NYC belongings so I don’t think I’ll find out what happened in the fifth and following chapters anytime soon.


Another book that I haven’t finished reading is the Bible. I’ve made several attempts to follow the Bible in a Year guide located in the back of my Bible, but I have fallen short.

Until now…

It would be impossible to finish reading and ingesting the entire Bible by the end of this challenge but I do vow to make a habit of reading, studying, and applying a few chapters to my life DAILY.



I am Never Too Busy to read the Bible.


I’ve been rather afraid of the Bible lately. (But Sepia, you’re a Christian!)

It’s like this: The Bible is a mirror. A special kind of mirror that brings out the true you. Flaws and all.


On the other hand, it also serves as a guide. It shows me the error in my ways and the path I need to take in order to be error-free!


So, today, while my students are testing, I’ll sit quietly and read a few chapters. Day 5 came right on time, just like the Word of God.


I’m ready to ingest  truth and knowledge.


What are you reading today?


Sepia ♥

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One thought on “Never Too Busy – Day 5

  1. Danzo Pratt says:

    The Bible! Awesome choice… I have to admit, the bible didn’t come to mind when I thought about which book I wanted to jump into today.

    I think your sentiment is shared by a lot of people, myself included. There is a slight trepidation in reading the word, knowing that it’s going to tell us exactly what is wrong with our lives. And, it’s weird, because, it’s not like we can claim ignorance..

    Great post!

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