Never Too Busy – Day 7

Day 7 –  Take one thing off your “to do” list that you’ve been avoiding


I stopped making “to do” lists ages ago. I still write lists of things to accomplish every now and again, but never daily, weekly, monthly (you get it), so you can imagine how much I’ve been avoiding.


One of the things on my mental “I need to start doing this again” list is attending Young Adult Ministry Bible Study. I’m sure I sound like some religious freak, but this is something that was once second nature for me. I can admit that I have indeed slipped a bit on regularly attending congregational events.  My excuses were that I was (of course) too busy, too tired, too uninspired, to “Sepia” to go.

I notice a difference when I spend time with my spiritual family. I miss them. I can easily fix this and reconnect with the fam.


So, tonight, after I’m done stealing wi-fi chilling at Starbucks, I’ll hop in Rumple’s ride (he’s out  of town for the weekend) and enjoy fellowship with the saints aged 18 – 35.


And just for the sake of making a list, here are other things I plan to accomplish this weekend. It’s supposed to be rainy this weekend, so I should be able to tackle a few of them…

Write five chapters of Tawny


Write the opening scene to The Chelsea Book (main project)


Clean up (again)


Prepare my closet for fall.


Cleanse and moisturize my hair.


Call/talk to /sing to my father for over thirty minutes.


Read the final two chapters of The Four Agreements.


Write down my feelings.




Eat sushi.


Get a pedicure.


Pray about my job “issue”.


Continue to plan The Sepia Project (including contacting interested parties).


Be thankful (yes, I need a reminder to do this because I’m human and I forget how blessed I am at times).


Watch a funny (to me) movie.


Do laundry.


Hope you all get something done today.


Sepia ♥

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