Never Too Busy Day 12

Day 12 – Introduce yourself to someone new. Start a conversation with them.

Ok, so I’ve always been sorta shy. (insert collective gasp)

With age and increased confidence, I have found it pretty easy to speak to strangers. If all else fails and they don’t speak back, there’s no love lost.  I mean, the person’s a stranger so the odds of seeing them again are pretty slim.

I can’t remember the first conversation I had with Rumple, but I do remember being super nervous and smiling awkwardly.

I tend to break the ice with a joke. Either in line at the store, on the bus during my morning commute, or at the gym, there’s always the opportunity to have a conversation with a stranger.

Be careful though, being uber friendly to a stranger could send the wrong message… Well, with the opposite sex. Scratch that, it could be a good problem for some 🙂

Go out and meet a someone new today.

Do you have any stranger turned friend stories? Share.



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