NevToo Busy – Day 21

Day 21 – Do something DARING!


Daring is my middle name. Well, at least it used to be until I found out what common sense was.


I was such a wild, carefree, child. I once jumped off the roof of my family’s house a la Mary Poppins. It didn’t end well.


For my birthday I was treated to an adventure tour in Key West. That was pretty daring! I snorkeled with sharks (baby sharks), parasailed, jet skiied, and rode on the back of a banana boat going like a thousand mph!


After sailing over the island of Key West I was tempted to jump from a plane. That’s my next adventure. I’m planning to do a tandem jump very soon. Just not today.

Today, I’ll do something mildly daring. Maybe I’ll chop off my fro or get a tattoo (well, maybe not a tattoo)… Hmm. The possibilities are endless.


Do something daring today!


I dare you!


Sepia ♥


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