Never Too Busy – Day 31

Wow!!! It’s over already???

That was super fast. Well, I know I cheated a bit, but I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge. While I didn’t blog every single day, I did almost all of the activities (except the YouTube video).

This challenge taught me a lot about myself. It gave me a chance to be open and free and actually document my life processes.

So, today, on the last day, I’m not too busy to list 31 things I’m thankful for:


1. Life

2. A relationship with God, the Ultimate Creator.

3. Another chance (I ran out of second chances a very long time ago).

4. Family that loves and supports me.

5. My trials – they make me stronger.

6. My black womanness.

7. The ability to write.

8. Hugs at the right time.

9. Creatvity.

10. My blog (and the commenters that say the right things at the right time) and my fellow bloggers.

11. The gift of teaching.

12. Hindsight.

13. Rumplestilskin.

14. Love.

15. Aniyah’s on-time conversations.

16. My smartphone.


18. Inside jokes.

19. My BFF 🙂

20. My TEAM!

21. Conversations with the older sister who beat me up endlessly as a child.

22. MAC Ruby Woo lipstick.

23. Sushi and its ability to change the entire course of my day.

24. Old friends.

25. Rainy days.

26. Books.

27. Prayer.

28. An unexpected peck on the cheek while I’m typing a blog post (not this one 😉 )

29. 75 cent vintage dresses.

30. Education.

31. The ability to be me!!!



What are you thankful for?




Sepia ♥


3 thoughts on “Never Too Busy – Day 31

  1. Zina says:

    I’m thankful for inspiration in its many forms…..including you. 🙂

  2. Felicia says:

    I’m thankful for the chance to make it right…thankful for true friends and family that will NEVER give up on me, even when I feel like giving up on myself.

  3. alwaysradiant says:

    I think I may start this for November….

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