Sometimes God puts you on pause.


Be still and know that I am God… – Psalm 46:10


Today started off on the right track. I woke up with enough time to do an online devotion, update my Facebook status, eat an apple, and fix lunch. While figuring out what I would wear I got caught in a time warp. Before I knew it, I was running out of the house to try and catch the last-chance-to-be-on-time bus. While I was succesful at getting to the bus stop on time, God had other plans.

During my short commute, the bus malfunctioned. “You all have to wait for the next bus,” the driver informed us.

Great. Just. Great. Today would be the day I chose to take a bus that ran every thirty minutes. I would be late for school for sure! I began to get a tad frustrated. I didn’t want to be late and I knew that I was not mentally prepared to teach my first period class. No worries though, I called in to inform the higher ups that I would be tardy for the teaching party.


The driver asked that all passengers wait outside. While outside I went to Facebook and saw a status update from a friend who had been going through a trial. In a few short words, my friend gave me reassurance that everything would be okay. You see, while I was inwardly annoyed about waiting outside for the next bus, my friend had already claimed the victory.


I am ever so thankful for the moments God gave me to read those words and realize His greatness. It was only God that allowed me the time to think on His ways. He controls all things all the time. I stood outside with tears in my eyes just thanking God. I had a spiritual breakthrough on the bus stop of all places. Sometimes it’s a momentous occasion that brings you to your breakthrough; other times it’s just the realization that your storm could be far worse.


For the thirty minutes that I stood outside in high heels waiting for the next bus, God took me through a test. He paused my circumstances and allowed me to see things more clearly. For those moments, I praise Him. I have no idea what He kept me from during my time of stillness but with gratitude I say, “Thank You, Father.”

In the end, I made it to school safely and all is well. I guess I just needed a few moments with Him before my day started.

Take a few moments to pause today.

Sepia ♥


2 thoughts on “Pause.

  1. alwaysradiant says:


  2. MissFathiyyah says:

    I must say that this was the word for Sunday past. “Wait.”

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