On Turning 29

I should’ve posted this on June 13, 2011, but today I’m cleaning out my Draft folder so here goes nothing:


On my 29th born-day! I felt ahhhmazing!



Almost a month ago, I turned 29. Time sure flies when you’re busy living!!! I have learned so much about myself during this last year. As a woman, I am blossoming and becoming more aware by the moment. I’m not sure what 29 is supposed to feel like, but I feel amazing!!!

In less than 365 days, I’ll be 30, Lord willing. I’m so thankful for the lessons, the blessings, the tears, and most of all: THE LOVE!

When I look at my life and all that I’ve learned, I’m sure I can come up with 29 things I’ve learned and am thankful for…

1. God is love… Truly, He is merciful.

2. I don’t know everything there is to know about writing. I’m ok with this.

3. When I walk, people listen. (yes, walk, not talk)

4. Confidence is key. Cockiness is ewww.

5. Forgiveness is the best gift I’ve received. I need to give it more freely.

6. Getting over something is not as valuable as getting through it. The process builds character.

7. I am more girly than I give myself credit for.

8. I make perfect mistakes.

9. Though I hate (like really) exercise, the results are worth the work.

10. What others think of me is none of my business and does not guide my decisions.

11. Prayer is power. Pray for your enemies daily. It may give you power over them.

12. Relationships come and go and come and go; true friends will hold you down in every season.

A great evening out with great friends!



13. Doing things alone is freeing.

14. You are what you say you are. Speak life.

15. Ill-fitting clothes make you appear… ILL.

16. Seasons change.

17. Family is sometimes hard to love but the love is what holds the bond together.

18. All you have is right now.

19. Everyone doesn’t understand my vision. That’s cool. My eyes are in my head for a reason.

20. I’m okay with not being married. Thank God! This took about three years to come to grips with.

21. I’m not a perfect blogger and I like it that way.

22.  I am a lifestyle maven. Yes, I am!

23. When I walk in my purpose others reap the benefits.

24. I cook well but not often enough.

25. I’m not a teacher. I’m an artist who teaches.

26. If I turned on the ringer more often, I wouldn’t have to return so many calls.

27. I am no longer afraid of love.

28. Being me is super awesome. I wish you could try it!

29. I’m not sure what 30 is supposed to feel like, but 29 has been an amazing year so far. I wouldn’t trade it in for anything!

Thanks for reading.


Sepia ♥

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2 thoughts on “On Turning 29

  1. You look adorable! Happy Belated Bday Gorgeous!

  2. Gurl I was so distracted by that the look that I forgot my purpose, lol. I love your reflections! I wish I was so in tuned with ME at 29. I’m getting there though. lol

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