Revisiting Engagement

Happy New Year!!!


(is it too late to say that? oh well, let’s get to the writing!)


A while ago I wrote “Not Married, Engaged” (it’s a long read but super worth it). I’ve re-read that post over and over again. It’s a reminder of the mindset I can embrace when I allow God to guide every aspect of my life.

When I revisit that post, I wonder to myself: Who is/was that girl? Sure, I’m the author, editor, and creator of the piece, but I’m wondering when I got to the point where I was okay with being, well, me!

If you’re wondering, yes, me = single, unmarried, childless, and fabulous!  (ha!)

I now know that it is in His purpose for me to be in whichever state, marital status (and why is it called marital status if the only status that actually involves marriage is the married?), career or living situation I may find myself and still be content.

It wasn’t easy to get to that place. I had to let go of doing things my way and start doing things in a way that was not so popular. At the time, it meant hanging out with my BFF instead of my (then-non-existent) B-O-Y-F-R-I-E-N-D. It was an awesome time, actually. I took trips, tried new restaurants, and  had a carefree, centered nature about myself.

Today, I’m close to being back there and I don’t doubt I’ll return sooner than later. What I’ve learned since penning “Engaged” is that it’s a journey. Following God and being dedicated to Him and His works is the toughest relationship you’ll ever be in. For believers, it’s what one strives to do daily. Most recently, I’ve had a few mountain top moments, but there have been brief valleys as well. As a young woman always seeking balance, I strive to have more up days than down. More days that He will be proud of.  A couple of years later, older, wiser, and more experienced, I count myself blessed to be able to adjust my thoughts.

I no longer think being fully engaged necessarily means being without a significant other. For some, that’s a posture that may be necessary. One of the things I’ve learned is : No man is an island. I need people.

A wise man once said:

” When life gives you lemons… Go find the other people with the water and Sugar… Contrary to what you’ve been told, you can’t make lemonade with just those lemons… And you won’t arise from your despair alone… Everybody needs a little help. And sometimes you gotta go find it. ”  – This Guy


All in all, in revisiting “Engagement” I’m finding that while I’m not as engaged, I’m getting there. One day in the right direction. I give you permission to get (re) engaged. It’s so worth it.



Where are you in your “engagement”?

Share your awesomeness!


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One thought on “Revisiting Engagement

  1. Danzo Pratt says:

    Wow! I just reread this post against the backdrop of your previous entry on engagement and I must say, I’ve had the same thoughts for some time. I wrote about this very same idea a while back. I think we as a society have to ascribe to the maxim that The Only purpose and goal of single people is to find a way to no longer be single. That, somehow it’s an illness we should be healed from… an encumbrance of sorts. I certainly think more time and effort should be put into finding and strengthening those elements that will make us the type of people we need to be, and yet, not for the purpose of finding someone, but for the purpose of finding clarity. Excellent Post!

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