Dear Sepia & The Power of Words

When I started this blog, I set out to take over the world! (Well, not really, but I wanted to make some kind of difference.)

Never did I imagine this blog would help me as much as it has. It has been a source of encouragement, an avenue of growth, and has opened my eyes to other peoples’ opinions and outlooks.


This blog has taught, and is teaching me, the power of words.

Words can harm.

Words can heal.

Words can transform your day.

Words, when applied correctly, can guide you to your true purpose and salvation.

From now on, I cannot take my words for granted.


It’s not that I aimlessly type away on my keyboard with hopes of inspiring someone. Nope, these posts are thought out (some better than others). When I’m really “on it” with my writing, and think I should get mega hits to my site, I seem to flop. However, on days when I’m just pouring out my soul with the click of the keyboard, I get replies like this:

[Dear Sepia], Just want you to know how encouraged and inspired I am by you.  Often times your posts, though short, sweet and to the point, are just what I need to get back on track…  Thanks for everything! And trust me, just as you have unknowingly been an instrumental part of my walk, there are MANY more. They may never say it, but you have to keep working! The love of Christ to you!


I received this email on a morning when everything that could possibly go wrong, went extra-wrong. It CHANGED something in me. It made me aware that God had bestowed something awesome upon me little ol’ me! I have no choice but to continue to share.


Share your power.




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One thought on “Dear Sepia & The Power of Words

  1. Danzo Pratt says:

    May we always remember to be impeccable with our word. Words count.

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