>, <, =


Don't let it steal your joy.

Greater than, less than, or equal to?

Early on, we are taught to compare. We use words like, better, stronger, faster, and prettier to compare objects. We use symbols to compare numbers. Behind those symbols are meanings.


I am < *insert random object/person/thought that evokes insecurity*


As of late, I have found myself guilty of compare and contrast. My thoughts have run the gamut of she’s skinnier but I’m smarter, he’s just pretending to be happy but I’m happier, they’re doing great things but I could do so much better.

Toxic, right?


Not sure where this came from but I know this is not of God. It is below me and it must come to an end. I can no longer compare my walk using someone else’s stride. It just won’t work. The one step I take may cover three steps for the next person and vice versa. I’m learning slowwwwwlllllyyyy that God has given us all something different to be great at. Sure, blogging may not be my strong suit but I’m willing to  keep at it.

I will stop comparing and start appreciating the gifts of others.

Over the past month I have been blessed to connect with a network of women who CONSTANTLY remind me to walk in my purpose. Their works inspire me to work harder.

Believe it or not, I’ve never been one to grind. Until a couple years ago I didn’t know the definition of true sacrifice. But now I know.


Long story short, I should be so focused on God’s purpose for my life that nothing else matters. It’s a process. I’m ready for it. One of the hardest things to do is to admit being wrong. The easiest thing to combat that is correcting and walking right. I’m on my way. Again. No comparisons allowed.


Before I go, I must thank a few women who have recently inspired me: Arleen Bishop (my mom, The MASTER of the Grind!), Charona Senior (my sister, and Camryn’s mommy just for being stronger than necessary ALWAYS), Elaina McCann-Brinson (for her motivation, innovation, and God-given perseverance), Syndy Colebrook (because she reminds me to “Keep Holdin’ On”), ToriAnn Hampton (my BFF and favorite on-screen star),Lindsay Gay (the smartest girl in the world who reminded me that “it” has nothing to do with me; you reminded me of my greatness!) Syretta Simon (sarcasm or not, she gets it, all the time!), Teara Davis (strength and beauty), Ashley Lorraine (you remind me to keep blogging), Laurinda Andujar (inspiring and rememebers to give God the glory above all), Erica Hearns (your post brought it to my attention that I was, in fact, comparing and contrasting), last but not least, the late Minerva Hall (Grandma, during our last conversation (that I can remember), you told me to be my own woman! I will. )


Chanell Nicole, Creator of Sepia Says


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One thought on “>, <, =

  1. A Sassy Woman says:

    OMG! What a powerful post!!! I loved it and I actually needed to read this. Thanks for sharing. And I feel so touched that I inspire you. You inspire me as well and I’m so glad that we have gotten close again. Can’t wait to see what the future holds 🙂


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