Weathering the Storm



So, this weekend tons of people prepared for Hurricane Isaac’s arrival to the Sunshine State. As a native of Florida I know that at any moment between June 1 and November 30, I can expect the arrival of a tropical depression, tropical storm, or, even worse, a hurricane.

As a child, the possibility of a storm would stun me to silence. After hearing the news reporter say, “Hurricane ABC is on the way,” I would run to my room and tuck myself under the covers, sick to my stomach. Besides the devastation of Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and the inconvenience of Hurricane Wilma in 2005, I haven’t really been affected by storms; nothing short of a few missed school days and a few hours  without lights.

Based on the news reports my area was only in the “cone of uncertainty” (a term dubbed such after the failure of forecasters to give adequate notice to residents of Louisiana before the turmoil that was Katrina), I wasn’t really worried about much. I just took it as an opportunity to annoy Rumple and listen to the rain.

Fast forward to Saturday and there was tons of rain. And. That’s. It!

It got me to thinking that I’m better at weathering storms. I didn’t worry. There was no grocery store haul or fill up of the gas tank. Basically, I treated the storm as another rainy day.

It didn’t really put a damper on my weekend as I had plans to attend a taping of an upcoming webseries (details coming soon!) indoors. Otherwise, Isaac did nothing to set me back.

In comparing this physical storm to a spiritual storm or personal attack, with time, I can see the storm coming I’m better prepared to weather it. I’ve reached a level of maturation and I’m at that place with God where I know He has prepared me for it. So, when someone brings me negative information or I find myself in a sticky situation, I don’t panic. I simply sit back and enjoy the rain, thunder and lightning, and if I have to go outside and jump through a few puddles, I make sure I’m wearing cute galoshes!

How do you weather your storms?

Chanell Nicole ♥

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