New Hopes, New Dreams, New Ways

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” – India.Arie, A Beautiful Day

When I decided to embark on the journey of the 31 Day Reset, I knew it would be a challenge. One, I’m a sporadic blogger. I love, love, love to write, but blogging is a challenge for me to keep up with. I’m pretty sure I have over 100 blog ideas in my queue, written down in worship notes, in journals, everywhere! It’s the execution phase of blogging that trips me up the most. This is something I WILL OVERCOME by the end of this reset.

Since the beginning of the reset, I have become a lot more productive because I chose to. That’s a great feeling, too!

So, let’s get into day 2

Day 2 of the 31 Day Reset; Conduct An Honest Self-Assessment.

Okay, this was harder than I thought it would be. The object of Day 2 was for me to force myself to own up to the areas in my life where I’d like to improve upon in my life and to encourage me to build on what’s already great about it.

I listed the things I disliked and liked about my Lifestyle, Work,  Education, Finances, Family, Health, and Relationships.

The most poignant of the points I wrote down where the following:

Lifestyle: “I like the freedom my lifestyle gives me while embracing the discipline of being a Christian. I like that I have peace and no real worries. I like that I have time to write (even though I don’t always use the time).”

“I dislike that I can be lazy with my leisure time.”

Work: “I like that I impact others through my work.”

“I dislike that I am out of work right now.”

Education: “I like that my degree in Sociology taught me a lot about society and how people think; it increased my level of inquisition. I like that I am seeking an advanced degree and all the possibilities that come with that.”

“I dislike how society sees a degree in Sociology as broad and unnecessary. I can do less procrastinating when it comes to doing homework.  I sometimes feel like my Master’s graduation date is far away.”

Finances: “I like that God provides all my needs despite my current employment situation.”

“I dislike the feeling I get when I can’t contribute to my household financially. My credit could use work. I need to save more (see Work).”

Family: “Both parents are living and that is a blessing! I LOVE my family! I love the new closeness I have with my siblings that has come with maturity and is a blessing.I love that my family is growing and Brooklyn is kicking!!!  I love all my families!”

“I dislike when I argue with my dad.” (sigh)

Health: “I like the glow of my skin, the ability to exercise, and that I have mental stability through a spiritual foundation. I can walk, I can see, I can hear, I can speak without the assistance of anything or anyone!”

“My thighs and arms are looser than I’d like. I need to keep my mind clear of comparison. I should think more vertically and less laterally.”

Relationships: “I married my best friend. He is supportive. I have great friends who support me and encourage me to keep writing and keep going. I have friends who love God and are ambitious! I have friends near and far and each one fills in where they belong.”

“I could do a better job at appreciating everyone MORE (friends, family, everyone); take no one for granted.”

So, these are the thoughts I wanted to share regarding my self-assessment. I can honestly say that writing out my thoughts (of which I didn’t share everything here) helped see which areas of my life I really need to tune in on.  It’s always a good idea to do a self-assessment at least quarterly to see where you are and how that lines up to where you need to be.

After this assessment, I am on to  New Hopes, New Dreams, and definitely New Ways!


Photo via my Instagram: @chanellnicoledotcom (follow me!)
Me and my newest addition! So blessed!

Be blessed.

Chanell Nicole ♥

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3 thoughts on “New Hopes, New Dreams, New Ways

  1. Oh my! You really touched me with your honesty, so much so I’m going to conduct an Honest Self-Assessment.

  2. Candace Amos says:

    Congrats on everything! I’ve learned that sometimes we can be a little hard on ourselves. So while you may think you’re not doing so great, someone is probably looking up to you and wishing they were in your shoes. Appreciate your journey and all that life has to offer.

  3. Tay says:

    Congrads on your new marriage, your bundle of joy and keep putting the Lord first so everything else will fall into place.

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