Monday. 11.19.12

Hey there! I hope you all have been well since my last post. I’ve been busy juggling life as usual. I’ll be starting my super serious countdown very soon. Of course, I’ll blog all about it… well, maybe. (pray for me)

I’ve been compiling interesting baby stories to share with you all as my pre-baby time comes to an end. Today, I’m 34 weeks, 1 day pregnant! I can’t believe it. The time has flown by and I’m almost ready to welcome a little brown baby into the world.  (Well, she should be brown given the complexion of her parents, but stranger things have happened.)


Last Sunday, my sister hosted a co-ed baby shower for the Hubs and I. We had such a blast! Food, fun, friends, family, what more could we ask for? It felt like an early Christmas since we got so many things for the little one.  This baby is already so loved.

Pregnant With Heels On!

On Thursday, I was surprised with another shower by my co-workers. I’ve only been there for a couple of months and to think they thought enough of me to host a baby shower for little old me, made my day! I got emotional because I was really surprised. I love, love, love surprises, but I usually ask too many questions to be surprised 🙂



The ever-increasing waistline/ growing belly 🙂

In a few weeks, my mother-in-law and a few friends are hosting another shower so my sisters-in-Christ can celebrate the baby’s arrival. (My last shower was on a Sunday and I didn’t want to jeopardize anyone’s worship schedule so I kept them separate.)

In the meantime, I’m nesting like crazy. Yesterday was a cleaning/painting/organizing day. It took a toll on me even though I had help. I was exhausted to no end by ten o’clock. I must remember the importance of rest or it will catch up with me.

I’m not sleeping through the night and I’m starting to think that’s God’s way of preparing me to stay up or get up frequently. With insomnia and killer, fire breathing dragon lady heartburn, it’s tough to get a good night’s rest. But it’s all for a good reason. I’m sure my precious angel will more than make up for it.


Oh, one more thing, I’ve discovered…. STRETCH MARKS!!! While I knew I would get them, I was hoping and praying that they wouldn’t come. Of course I already had them (thanks Mom) just not on my belly. They’re hardly noticeable but it’s crazy watching my body change so rapidly. It’s like one day I can totally fit an outfit or shirt and the next day, the bottom of my belly is hanging out from it. Yikes!  I went shopping for household items with my sister and she told me up to this point it makes no sense to buy more maternity clothes because I’ll only be pregnant for a few more weeks. Makes sense to me. I did, however, buy a few belly bands to cover the gaps in my pants. Hopefully that’ll stretch my wardrobe.  Another thing, my sister totally let me be The Pregnant Lady this weekend. She offered to push me around the grocery store in a cart with a bench attached (that I actually think is for toddlers/small children). It was so convenient.

The perks of being pregnant.


Just wanted to give everyone an update on my progress. Just a few more weeks to go! Isn’t it exciting?!?


Til next time. Be blessed and Live Well.


Chanell Nicole ♥


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3 thoughts on “Monday. 11.19.12

  1. Awesome post, thanks for sharing. You carry well meaning you look great pregnant. I’m just now embarking on my journey down baby lane. So far no morning sickness at all and i’ve been having food adversions… no appetite so I have to force myself to eat and they all taste bland. Your at 34… sheesh, I have 34 to go! Anyhoo… CONGRATS and I’m praying your L&D is smooth and safe one… be sure to tell us about that too! : ) Blessings, Always Radiant *email me your address*

    • Hey! It’s going to be such an amazing journey. While I can’t wait to meet the baby, I am enjoying what’s left of this pregnancy. Thanks for your prayers and I look forward to hearing about your voyage into mommyhood.

      Be Blessed 🙂

  2. Christina says:

    Aww I wish you great blessings and your sister is so sweet!

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