A Mommy Story featuring India, Trayon, and Triston

It’s Thursday and I finally have an inkling of energy. I know you’re probably thinking how much energy does it take to type a blog post, but honestly, these days, it’s hard for me to even get out of bed. Not complaining one bit, though. Soon I’ll get to meet my little bundle of joy. In the meantime, I’ll attempt to blog as much as possible.

I’m 38 weeks, 5 days pregnant today! Where has the time gone? I announced my pregnancy at around 5 months and it seems like just yesterday. Any-who, let’s get into today’s Mommy Story.

I met India at The Promise Walk for Pre-Eclampsia  in May hosted by a mutual friend of ours. Funny thing, I found out I was pregnant just days before the event. She and I later connected on social media and I think I fell in love with her twin boys! They are super adorable. I’ve always wanted twin boys (maybe next time). Funny enough, she was the first person I considered featuring for my Mommy Story series. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to give birth to twins.

India has lived in Miami, Florida but is originally from McCormick, South Carolina. She recently relocated to South Carolina where she is an educator, blogger, and fabulous mommy! On February 4, 2009, she gave birth to twin boys Trayon Elijah and Triston Isaiah. Read more about her journey to motherhood:

How did you find out you were pregnant?

It was the summer of 2008, I was fresh out of college, had received my first teaching job, and was ending the summer before my new career started when I knew something wasn’t right.  My cycle was regular all the time so when that did not happen, I already knew what time it was.  I took a home test twice and both results were positive.

What were your first thoughts when you found out you were expecting twins? 

Just finding out I was pregnant was scary enough. I was scared of starting my new job pregnant, what my family/friends reactions were going to be, and just scared of the thought of being a mom.  When I found out I was pregnant with TWINS, I was in my 5th month.  It was during my 1st ultrasound, so the sonographer was looking around and checking everything, she paused then said, “I think I see two heads.” I think she was more shocked than I was! She almost started crying, she was so happy!  I didn’t know what to think, all I could think was TWO BABIES!!!!!

Did you have any complications with your pregnancy?

Yes and no. I started off my pregnancy going to a regular OB/GYN and after the multiple pregnancy was confirmed, it put me into a whole other ball game.  Of course, my risk of difficulties doubled and I became at risk for so many complications.  My doctor was concerned because my cervix was thinning (so she said) which could cause premature labor, and  2 weeks after I found out it was twins she ordered me to bed rest.

The no answer comes in after my bed rest started.  I had to take a leave of absence from my job and basically move back home to my parents’ house which was over an hour away because the twins father had already moved back to Florida after college because of a job offer.  Driving over an hour for doctor appointments was becoming a pain so my aunt talked me into switching over to the  OB/GYN office where she worked – that handled high risk pregnancies –  and it was the best choice that I could have made.  I was shocked by the better care and attention that I received. So come to find out my cervix was NOT as thin as it was previously said to be and my impromptu bed rest order could have been delayed to much later in my pregnancy.  It was already done by then so my doctor just said to continue with it.

What do you remember most about being pregnant?

I remember the reactions of people when I told them I was having twins! Priceless reactions from everyone!

What was your most memorable pregnancy mishap?

It would probably have to be the whole bed rest fiasco.  I was so worried about being out of work with little income coming in that I really missed out on enjoying my pregnancy.  I had wonderful people in my corner though, the twins’ dad was the absolute best and I didn’t have to worry about anything, he made up for the distance in every way that he could.  My family was 100% supportive and there for me also.

What misconceptions did you have about being pregnant?

That I would eat everything in sight, I had a very small appetite in the beginning, my appetite didn’t pick up until much later in the pregnancy.

How did you feel when it was time for you to give birth?

I was scared, of course.  It was very surreal, almost like a dream. I still couldn’t believe that I was going to be a mom.  I was scared that their dad wouldn’t make it for the birth because that was the one thing he said he would not miss because of the distance. (12 hours)

What was your birthing method? Did you have any pain medication?

C- SECTION AND LOTS OF PAIN MEDICATION! Lol I didn’t know it would be that painful.  I felt nothing during the birth but healing from a C-section was some of the worst pain and discomfort I have ever felt.  I thought I would never be able to walk upright again! It took a full 3 weeks to heal and feel like myself again.

Did you have a birth plan?

Yes, my doctor planned to take the twins early because of something she called twin to twin transfusion that can happen when identical twins go past 36 weeks.  I have forgotten what it is exactly but she did not want it to be a risk so I had a c-section scheduled for February 4th, 2009.  My due date was March 1, 2009.

Did anything go as planned?

NO! I started contracting 4 days before the scheduled c-section, was hospitalized, they slowed down my labor, and wanted to do the delivery the next day but I informed my doctor that Brandon, the twins’ dad, wanted to be there for the birth so she waited for him.  He came the next day and the twins were born the next morning on February 2, 2009.

Trayon & Triston as newborns

Trayon & Triston as newborns

How has your life changed since becoming a mom?

IN EVERY WAY sums it up; from grocery shopping to planning for the future.

How did you come up with your sons’ names?

Their dad asked before we found out it was twins (if it was a boy), if  we could name him Trayon since that is his middle name so we stuck with that and just thought of another TR name.

The boys at 3 weeks old.

The boys at 3 weeks old.

What do you enjoy most about being a mom?

I enjoyed rocking them to sleep the most when they were younger, and now I love the hugs, kisses, the “I love yous”, and the excitement they have when they see me after a long day.

Since you have twins, are their personalities different?

Yes, Triston is mild mannered, sweet, and he is the talker.  He talks for both of them and Trayon is more reserved and shy but he is really a firecracker when he gets comfortable! Lol

The twins' first Halloween. How cute are they?

The twins’ first Halloween. How cute are they?

Did you always dress them alike? How do they feel about that?

Yes and still do! It is just easier to pull of the same clothes and now they actually get upset if they are not dressed alike.


Handsome guys on Easter 2011


Enjoying the show at Sea World.

Flexing their green thumb. "Look at our plants growing"

Flexing their green thumb. “Look at our plants growing”


Trayon and Triston with their twin cousins. “The older boys are my twin cousins. I kept them every chance I could when they were younger and to this day people still say that I had twins because I used to have them ALL the time.” India.

 How do you manage mommyhood, work, and a social life?

I admit it is hard.  I moved to Miami in the summer of 2009 so just being new to the city and having limited friends caused the social life to decrease.  It picked up after I made more friends and got comfortable in the city.  Balancing work was hard because teaching is already a demanding job so doing that and then going home to twin babies by myself most days (because Brandon worked evenings) was EXHAUSTING but we had good help from his family.

Do you plan on having any more children?

I hope to in the future.  Now that the twins are older and getting more independent I can see more kids but a year ago I would have said NO! LOL!  But yes, I hope to have more babies!

India's mom, India and the twins at Sea World.

India’s mom, India and the twins at Sea World.

I would like to thank India and the twins for sharing their story. Like I said before, these little guys are too adorable! I wish India and her family nothing but the best. One thing I learned from India is that everything won’t go as planned. God always has something unexpected for you.

In counting down the days for my baby’s arrival, I’ll remember the importance of a support system and just being in the moment. These Mommy Stories have helped me get a grasp on what motherhood may be like. It’s not perfect but it’s worth it. For more on India, check out her blog I.Free Naturally, where she muses about motherhood and natural hair.

Thanks for reading. Share your thoughts and show love to India, Trayon, and Triston.

Until next time Live Well and Be Blessed.

Chanell Nicole ♥

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