Happy New Year!

It’s officially 2013. Of course, I had to wait and let the year sink in  a few days before I blogged. I’ve been waiting for an arrival of sorts to appear. While I’m typing this blog, I’m still waiting (with an abnormal amount of patience, too).


Though I gave The Baby a deadline of sorts last week, I’ve realized that she will come when she’s good and ready. Also, at my last appointment, my midwife let me know that my due date may have been off by a few days. Though I’m still considered overdue, I may not be as past due as I thought.  So, I’ll wait.



I have an appointment today and I have been to the hospital for routine non stress tests and ultrasounds for the past couple days.  I feel regular. Well, as regular as I can feel with this protruding belly 🙂


So many people have shown me love over the past few weeks and I appreciate their concern. This experience is teaching me to not only wait but also be more considerate of others’ waiting experiences. While one waits, checking up on their progress can be a source of encouragement or frustration. In my case, it has been mostly the latter. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I’d much rather let you know I’m done waiting than to be questioned incessantly about the status of my situation.


“You’re STILL pregnant?”

“When’s the baby coming?”

“Are you ready?”


^^^ All questions I’ll never ask a pregnant woman, ever!


Maybe it’s just me.  I’m okay with that. We all deal with our waiting processes differently. It’s like waiting for a package without a confirmation number. Sure, it’s coming, but you don’t know when. You let your friends know about the purchase months ago and they keep asking if it has arrived yet. Call after call, text after text, post after post. See how that could get to someone?


So, what’s the take away here? The next time you know someone is waiting for something, wait a while and let them tell you if their package got there yet. Again, I may be an isolated incident (one who likes to wait in silence) but we all wait differently.



On that note, while I wait, I will watch and pray. I hope The Baby shows up without any needed intervention. If she needs a little nudge, I’ll wait for the right time and pray that all goes well. I know it will because I’ve waited my entire life for this moment.


Until next time. Live Well and Be Blessed.


Chanell Nicole ♥

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