Motherhood Revisited

I can remember the months leading up to the birth of my daughter. I was excited, anxious, and scared. I had no idea what motherhood would bring. As I look forward to celebrating my second Mother’s Day, I see motherhood completely different.


Brooklyn (almost 3 months) at Camryn's 1st Bday 04/03/2013

Brooklyn (almost 3 months) at Camryn’s 1st Bday 04/03/2013

Having spent close to 16 months being a mother, I want to take back every piece of advice I’ve ever given another mother. Well, mostly the judgmental stuff. The “you shouldn’t let her talk to you like that” ‘s , the “why are they eating that” ‘s , all  the annoying unsolicited advice, would go out the window.  Why? Because back then, when I was super single, had enough time to shave my legs  more than once a month (judge all you want; mama is ti-RED), I had energy to spare and free time was my reality, I saw motherhood as something you did right or wrong.


Muah. BK (12 months) after worship service.

Muah. BK (12 months) after worship service.

Now, over a year into the most important job on the planet, I see my mothering and parenting as a learn by doing sorta thing. Of course there are still the advice givers and overly concerned family members and even strangers who comment on my somewhat free style parenting. I’m sure they’ll always be there. However, what I am learning is that there is no right or wrong way to do things. A co-worker of mine recently had a baby and in the card I gave her, I wrote something like: go into motherhood with an open heart for your baby and closed ears to everyone else.


Brooklyn's 1st Birthday!

Brooklyn’s 1st Birthday!

I wanted to impart to her that though people will have things to say (about your baby’s uncombed hair and lack of a sweater in “cold” Florida weather) God gifted you with the blessed responsibility of motherhood. That’s what my daughter has taught me. Especially on nights when I’m tired from work, school, and life and the last thing I want to do is breastfeed. Then I realize she won’t always be this close to me. One day, probably sooner than I can imagine, she’ll want to spend more time with her friends than with her Mama!



In the meantime, while I parent out loud and in public, I’ll do so my way. Day by day, it gets easier and harder all at once. After I’ve conquered one challenge, here comes another. But you know what? Oddly enough, with each challenge, I become stronger and I am more ready than I thought I would be. No longer am I afraid or anxious. I greet each day of being a mother with joy. I relish in the moment that I drive up to the babysitter’s house and see my BK peeking through the blinds, waiting for me to come to the door or on the ride home when she’s singing “Happy” and waving her hands in the air.  It’s moments like those that fill me with gratefulness for the gift of motherhood. On tough days, I’ll revisit my mommy moments and my heart will smile.


Until Next Time….

Be Blessed & Live Well.


Chanell Nicole


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4 thoughts on “Motherhood Revisited

  1. Great post!!! It really puts things into perspective!!:)

  2. Amy Senat says:

    Love this Chanell! Thanks for sharing your experiences, challenges and most of all realness of motherhood. Being a new mother myself, I can relate to so many things you mentioned. Motherhood is truly a blessing but is without a doubt, officially the hardest job ever! Thank you for being a blessing through your words of wisdom!

  3. Kezia says:

    THiS post right here….!!!!!! I couldn’t have said it better. Motherhood is all about trial and error, you learn as you go. I too was the perfect mother before I became a mother lol.. Always saying thing like “ohhh all I gotta do is take tht baby home for one day and he/she be straightened out” lol…. Turns of its not that easy. You are so right you do have to open our heart to your baby and close your ears to everyone who feel they know what’s best for your child. Great post!

  4. says:

    I love it! You are a great mom!

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