Who’s this Sepia girl?

Somewhere being Sepia

More than just another brown girl, Sepia is a writer who’s purposefully exposing her flaws in order to sharpen her craft. Sepia is authentic and witty and a lover of all things vintage.

Her charm is sometimes confused with interest and this often finds Sepia singing the “I just wanna be friends” song to the opposite sex.

Sepia is a brown skinned beauty who loves (but is not always attached to) her cloud of natural, fluffy hair. Speaking of hair, Sepia’s hair and style have been featured in the November 2009 Street Style spread in Essence magazine,  and on  blogs:  K is for Kinky, le coil, and The Coil Review.

Her favorite color is coral and she loves a good book. The best things in life are free: Love, Joy, and Jesus, which, to Sepia, are the reasons for living.

She writes as an avenue of growth.

Enjoy the ride and tell a friend you knew her when… 🙂


7 thoughts on “Who’s this Sepia girl?

  1. Ms. Arthur says:

    I knew her when she was in middle school and would look at me like I was crazy when I continuously asked her to repeat words in Spanish! Ms. Arthur

  2. Shamori says:

    I knew her when we ran track together, and I knew she was a really nice person. But I wish I really knew how down to earth and grounded she was. I was always looking for a good friend. Congrats!

    Back then I was a little Texas….

  3. cmorley says:

    Wow. I am proud to know her….. I knew her way back when we were Eagles at BPE. Its been so long I can not even remember exactly how we met. I just remember us always being friends. I also remember her before her DIVA days….and I have pics to prove it lol. We have shared so many laughs together. I’ve known this lady over 20 years…… and we are still counting. I am so proud of you!!! 🙂

  4. JamieB. says:

    Nicely Done!!!


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  6. […] Tip to Sepia for pointing out this challenge on her […]

  7. […] Tip to Sepia for pointing out this challenge on her […]

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