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Random Blog #3

I feel amazing. It’s a refreshing feeling. I’m not as tired as I once complained about and the feeling is priceless. BK is 3 months old! I can’t believe how fast the time is flying. She amazes me everyday. Seeing her smiling face (which looks nothing like mine) every morning is a blessing within itself. Some days I just want to stay at home with her and play all day long. Never have I known this kind of love.

I love being a mother. Though it took me a little while to embrace, I can actually say it’s the best feeling in the world. Last year around this time, I had just found out I was expecting. I was afraid and excited all at once. It was then that I began wrapping my mind around what it meant to bring forth life. What I have now is so much more than what I could even think of. (Ephesians 3:20 moment in full effect.)

I can remember being one of those women who bragged about NOT having children. I now chuckle when I read a status update that says something like: I’m glad I don’t have kids to tie me down.
Some women make the choice not to have children and that’s all fine and dandy. But my life didn’t have the same purpose that it does now that I have a child. Everything I do has an effect on her life. That’s so deep and intimidating at times. Even when talking about myself I have to remember that she’s watching and listening. I am her definition of what it means to be a woman. That’s so scary to me. I’ve been given a huge charge to mold and shape and be an example.

I take it day by day and I am confident that God has prepared me for every obstacle I’ll face in motherhood and life in general. Knowing that my strength comes from Him makes it so much easier. One thing I’ve learned in the past three months is that it gets better. When I brought her home from the hospital I had no idea what I was doing. I cried a lot. I spent a lot of time wondering if I would ever get the hang of things. Once my hormones leveled off and I treated her like a baby (instead of expecting her to be able to do everything on her own) I regained my composure.

I still don’t feel like my “old” self and that’s to be expected. I’m a different person with a new title: Fabulous Mommy! I embrace it and I know that being a mom doesn’t mean being perfect, but I’m working on it.


Motherhood: A Brand New Me

Motherhood: A Brand New Me

Until next time,
Be blessed & Live Well.

Chanell Nicole

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Mommy & Me Monday


Happy Monday!

This weekend was quite busy for The Baby and I. My husband’s extended family came from all over to attend The 8th Annual Jazz in the Gardens concert. While neither of us attended, we enjoyed spending time with family, most of who had never met BK.


I was on kitchen duty on Saturday. I made conch fritters and they were pretty yummy! BK spent most of the day in the arms of family members, being smothered with love and kisses.
Thank God she got her shots…. Mommy moment


Since it was the weekend, and I had a few extra moments to plan, I decided to dress like The Baby. I had already chosen her clothes for the day and on a whim I searched the drawers for something comfy and complementary.


So we ended up being twins for the day.

I always vowed not to go overboard with her, but now I see how things can easily get out of hand.
This is just a simple outfit, but it sparked such inspiration for future Mommy and Me collaborations.


Hope you have an awesome day! Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time, Live Well & Be Blessed.

Chanell Nicole

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Random Blog #2

So, I’ve been a parent for close to 8 weeks now. What a rollercoaster ride it has been. There’s so much to learn, absorb, and apply. I learn a new lesson or two or three every single day. Just last night, while preparing the family to go to evening service for the first time since having the baby, we got a little scare. The baby was inconsolable and would not eat. She just cried, squirmed, and screamed some more.

As new parents, we were puzzled. None of the tried and true techniques worked. My mother in law even tried applying her personal touch but that didn’t work either. After two hours of tears, jerks, and attempted feedings, we decided to go to the E.R.


Upon arrival to the E.R., I had to write down her symptoms: woke up screaming, inconsolable, puts hand to mouth, turning head side to side, won’t take breast, temperature. My mother in law had thought she may have had an ear infection and to be sure, we wanted to let the professionals have the final say.

The Patient Care Assistant called us in and began taking her vitals. Daddy had left her pacifier (yay, she’s taking a pacifier now!) in the car, so she began screaming. “Would you like a pacifier for her?” the PCA asked.

“Sure, but that wasn’t working for us earlier,” I replied.

In an instant, Baby BK calmed down.

Her temperature  and blood pressure were fine but we still had to take her to a room to be examined by the doctor. The nurse dressed her in the cutest little hospital gown and  picked her up. Baby BK began cooing and laughing upon examination. “There’s nothing wrong here. She’s just growing,” the nurse said. “But I’m not the doctor so stay  put, he’ll examine her further.

She left and Baby BK laughed and wiggled while we waited for the doctor to arrive.

“I think she just wanted to take a trip to this hospital,” I joked with The Husband.

In the end, we were given a prognosis of Classic First Time Parents. There was nothing wrong with the baby. She just wanted to be in a new environment, I suppose. My motherly instincts were in overdrive and I would rather be safe than sorry.

In hindsight, it was kinda funny; but seeing your baby suffer to no end is the worst feeling. I am so grateful nothing was wrong but I’m sure she enjoyed her first trip to the E.R.


Until next time, Be Blessed and Live Well.


Chanell Nicole♥

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20 Days

So, how’s mommyhood?

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked this question in the past 20 days, I’d be a thousandaire. I’m not sure how to answer the question but usually I say something like:

“Great. It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. Challenging, but amazing.”

That’s probably the most PC answer I could come up with.

In all honesty, I really want to say something like:

“Overwhelming. Emotional. Scary. Utterly exhausting. Uncertain. Nothing I imagined.”

That’s the most accurate answer I could come up with.


Day one in the hospital.

Day one in the hospital.

I’m a mother. A caretaker. Someone on this planet relies on me for comfort, food, a shoulder to cry on, and everything else she needs.  It is indeed the scariest endeavor I have ever embarked on. I do not have a textbook baby and I’m fine with that. She loves her Mommy  and her Mommy’s boobs. She makes me laugh, sigh, smile, yawn, and cry; sometimes all at once.

Day two.

Day two.

During the past 20 days, my emotions have run the gamut from elation to exasperation and I wouldn’t change that for the world. The first night I brought her home, I was overcome with a sense of failure, like I was not ready to be a mom. She could sense my uneasiness and reacted accordingly. Though this is another blog for another day, just know that we passed the test. I had to rely completely on my instincts and I did what was best for my family.

Breastmilk wasted.

Breastmilk wasted.

On the plus side, I have never felt such joy. When I get it right, comfort her or ease her cries just in time, I feel like I’ve won the lottery.  Seeing her eyes open wide in my direction makes the sleepless nights, the sore boobs, the showerless days all worth it.  I had to change my thinking and realize that she’s her own person. She is unlike any of the babies I have volunteered to watch temporarily. She is all mine and I thank God for her every single moment.  In the words of my husband, “I love her just because she is.”

Hey, do you know what you're doing?

Hey, do you know what you’re doing?

As I type these words, she’s by my side. I’m watching her chest rise and fall, listening for her breaths and coos, and I am examining her features; wondering what I did right to deserve such a blessing. Her existence makes me aware of God’s presence. He never sleeps and always watches over us. I get it now. 20 days down, a lifetime to go.

My sleepyhead baby.

My sleepyhead baby.

Thanks for reading.

Until next time live well and be blessed.

Chanell Nicole♥

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