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Mother’s Day For Me

Yesterday I celebrated my first Mother’s Day!

I started off the day in prayer, thanking God for making me a mother. That’s such a huge title and I’m learning that so much comes with being a mother.  I spent the early part of the morning with My Mommy! The Baby and I went to my mom’s church for a Mother’s Day breakfast. We had a great time.

Me & My Mommy

Me & My Mommy

Just before we were about to leave, I got a “gift” from my baby girl. She left it all over the front of my dress and on her clothes, too. We smiled off the little mishap and headed home. Though our plans to attend our place of worship were put on hold (due to a cranky, teething baby) I enjoyed spending time in bed; just the two of us.

Me & The Baby.

Me & The Baby.

Later on in the day, we went to my mother-in-law’s house for dinner. The menu was oxtail, jerk pork, coconut rice and peas, steamed cabbage, potato salad, macaroni and cheese, and corn bread. I kept my portion rather manageable so I could later enjoy a slice of red velvet cake! My mother-in-law surprised me with my first Mother’s Day gift: a wonderful card, a pair of earrings and a matching necklace. She also bought me a notebook with a message that really touched me.



Since becoming a mom, it has been hard for me to find the balance between wife, mom, and creative being. Her message encouraged me to keep creating and being purposeful. I couldn’t ask for a better mother-in-law!

My husband had made me believe that all I was getting for Mother’s Day was a singing card. I can admit, I was astounded! I could not believe that he didn’t see the importance of my very first Mother’s Day! Just before dinner, he asked me to come into the den and place a hot pink gym bag in front of me. “Open it,” he said, smiling.

Inside was most of what I’ll need to continue my journey to a more fit and better me. While some women want flowers and perfume, all I wanted was a spare pare of running shoes and I got so much more! I was cheesing for the rest of the day.

Later in the night, once the baby was asleep he said, “did you actually think I wouldn’t get you a gift?”

“I was hoping you got something but you really had me going,” I told him still cheesing.

“It was fun watching you almost spazz out though.”

I can admit, I get a little impatient at times; especially with my husband. The greatest gift I could have gotten on Mother’s Day was already given to me. I have a healthy baby girl and a husband who loves and supports me.

But who doesn’t want to be celebrated a little? Right?

How was you Mother’s Day?

Until next time Be Blessed & Live Well.

Chanell Nicole

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Happy New Year!

It’s officially 2013. Of course, I had to wait and let the year sink in  a few days before I blogged. I’ve been waiting for an arrival of sorts to appear. While I’m typing this blog, I’m still waiting (with an abnormal amount of patience, too).


Though I gave The Baby a deadline of sorts last week, I’ve realized that she will come when she’s good and ready. Also, at my last appointment, my midwife let me know that my due date may have been off by a few days. Though I’m still considered overdue, I may not be as past due as I thought.  So, I’ll wait.



I have an appointment today and I have been to the hospital for routine non stress tests and ultrasounds for the past couple days.  I feel regular. Well, as regular as I can feel with this protruding belly 🙂


So many people have shown me love over the past few weeks and I appreciate their concern. This experience is teaching me to not only wait but also be more considerate of others’ waiting experiences. While one waits, checking up on their progress can be a source of encouragement or frustration. In my case, it has been mostly the latter. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I’d much rather let you know I’m done waiting than to be questioned incessantly about the status of my situation.


“You’re STILL pregnant?”

“When’s the baby coming?”

“Are you ready?”


^^^ All questions I’ll never ask a pregnant woman, ever!


Maybe it’s just me.  I’m okay with that. We all deal with our waiting processes differently. It’s like waiting for a package without a confirmation number. Sure, it’s coming, but you don’t know when. You let your friends know about the purchase months ago and they keep asking if it has arrived yet. Call after call, text after text, post after post. See how that could get to someone?


So, what’s the take away here? The next time you know someone is waiting for something, wait a while and let them tell you if their package got there yet. Again, I may be an isolated incident (one who likes to wait in silence) but we all wait differently.



On that note, while I wait, I will watch and pray. I hope The Baby shows up without any needed intervention. If she needs a little nudge, I’ll wait for the right time and pray that all goes well. I know it will because I’ve waited my entire life for this moment.


Until next time. Live Well and Be Blessed.


Chanell Nicole ♥

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short + sweet

The title of this post is in no way describing me. (Well, not the short part, but I’m a sweet gal )

Just wanted to share a few things that happened since I last posted:

1. I attended Word Camp Miami!

All WordPress bloggers should attend.  Super informative.


2. I saw an old/new side of Miami.


3. I smiled.


4. I met new people.


5. I got over “it”.


6. Did I say I smiled?


7.  I stepped up to the plate.

8. I formed a CRUSH!!!! (Not even sure when/where/HOW this one happened)


9. I shared the funniest inside joke with my older sister! Lauren Conrad!!!


10. I had a breakthrough!


When you let God do what He has to do, and move yourself out of the way, MY LORD, it gets better and better and better!

God is so amazing. He never gave up on me; even when I gave up on me! I have so many thoughts and projects and blessings swimming in my head. Once I’m done checking them off, you’ll know all about them. Thanks for praying for me, dealing with me, commenting me off  the ledge and just plain old listening.

Thanks for being AWESOME readers!


Sepia ❤

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The Great Transportation Debacle

My name is [Sepia Brown] and I do NOT own a car.

* insert collective gasp*

Yes, I’m fully aware that it’s 2011 and there are dangerous people out there who want to attack beautiful women walking in the dark and make them their love slaves, but I feel pretty safe.

I work, live, run, and play in the same area. God set it up that way, so I don’t really worry about transportation on an everyday basis. 

How do I get around? The bus.

My daily chauffeur. Always on time. No complaints.

Can I afford a car? Yup.

Will I buy a car anytime soon? The jury’s still out on that one.

Buying a car would add a few unnecessary and unwanted bills.

The cost of the car (even if I don’t finance, the car isn’t free).

 GAS!!! (I almost fainted just typing that word.)

Car Insurance.

I’d much rather save up for something more valuable.

Walking in style!!! Ha!

I’ve weighed the pros and cons of having vs. not having a car. It’s something I can live without.

My dad constantly asks when I’m going to get a car (when he buys me one). People in my neighborhood wonder what a “pretty girl like me” is doing walking. (Doesn’t everyone have the capacity to walk?)

 We’ve been conditioned to think that not having a car is a sense of poverty. Well, the last time I checked I was neither poor or struggling.  Don’t get me wrong, if someone wants to purchase a 2011 black on black C-Class Mercedes for a poor young woman like myself, feel free. Contact me for my address!!!

Sure, a car is a necessity for some.  Not me. If I had a car I’d still take the bus. A bus ride is $2. You can’t get a gallon of gas for that much. Do the math. Imagine how much you’d save if you took public transportation just a few days per week.

I travel by bus almost every day. The people who love me and “tolerate” my lack of vehicular transportation pick me up and take me places only when I need them to.  I’m pretty independent. I hardly, if ever, call my BFF and say, “Hey, BFF, could you take me to *insert random place Sepia needs to go*”

Out of necessity I have mastered the Miami-Dade Transit System. What else would I do, wait for someone to come and get me?

Just tap and goooo!!! This is what a bus card looks like now, for all of you who haven't ridden a bus since middle school. (Like the old me)

A few years ago, you couldn’t beat me on a bus. Me? Take the bus? Ha! Yeah, right!!!

But I’ve grown a bit, and  for close to 2 years, living in NYC, I didn’t drive once. My mode of transportation was the subway or city bus or cab. Cab fare gets expensive, so I was mainly swiping my Metro-Card to get from place to place. Yes, I’m aware that Miami is NOT New York and that things are spaced farther away, but that’s no excuse for me.

But what about dates, Sepia?

What about them? The bus goes EVERYWHERE.

Sure, right now, I’m not really actively dating, but when I start again on Neverary 32, 2110, I’m certain I won’t have a car then either. My supposed plan is that I’ll meet up with the guy.  Generally, men like to pick you up and drop you off. Since I don’t need the inconvenience of having someone know where I live, I’ll pass on that. I can “bus” it.

What if the date is late? Um, simple. Don’t set late dates. There are tons of things I can do between 5 and 9 pm. My mode of transportation will certainly get me home at a decent hour. I’m sure I’ll probably never get a husband with no car! #sarcasm

I don’t want any of my readers to think I’m lacking something. I’m not. I just don’t have a car. It’s a choice. I choose not to buy one.  Everyone has choices. Do with your money what you choose to. Make smart money decisions though. We are still in a recession.

In response to the awkward looks I get when I’m at the grocery store and get  asked where I parked and reply, “the bus stop”: I don’t have DUI’s. I CAN drive (depending on who you ask). There’s nothing wrong with me. My legs work. I’m not an alien so stop looking at me crazy when I say I take the bus.

Taking the bus has allowed me to see parts of the city I wouldn’t normally drive through. I meet new people everyday. I’ve lost like 7 lbs just walking – another NYC trait (sometimes I’ll walk long distances in lieu of taking the bus or jitney).  I’m more patient and time-conscious. And dare I say willing to date a guy without a car.

See, as a woman, it’s not a huge deal for me not to have a car, but men (in Florida and other cities where public transportation isn’t the sole means of in-town travel) have a different perspective on the matter.

I’d be open to hanging out with a guy without transportation because I’ve done it before. In the end, it’s just a car. It’ll teach sacrifice – especially if we don’t live in the same area.

Sure, I’m saying this as a single person with no responsibilities and I understand that once you add a child or groceries or a heavy box to the mix things get really complicated, but really weigh your needs vs. wants. Do I need a car? Not really.

Sometimes, when I wake up late, or need something really urgently, or it’s raining, or cold, or hot outside, I wish, for that inkling of a moment, that I owned a car. But there’s always someone I can call or someone calling me to make sure I have a way. For that, I’m thankful.

How necessary is having a car in your life?  Share.


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five things i learned about two three year olds in one day

Who could deny a face like this? -photo courtesy of Google Images

So, I kinda-sorta-volunteered to spend some time with my nieces during the last week of my winter vacation. *feels forehead*

I think I’m still sane…

Yeah, so, since I don’t have children, my time spent with them is often met with sheer joy, until it’s not (kids cry. a lot).
Don’t force children upon me. Please. Don’t.
It works out soooo much better if I offer.
Just . Does.

My last run in an elementary school classroom was with pre-K and kindergarten kiddies. Kids who had to extend their arms fully to reach my knee caps. Read: small, itty, bitty people. That lasted all of one day. Yup, I resigned. Went to teach almost grown folks in high school. To say that children scare me is invalid. I love them. Bunches. I just don’t have any which means I’m not completely in tune with their quirks and requirements (food, naps, attention?).
I think they’re cute and I could probably accessorize the heck out of a mini-me if given the opportunity. But in general, I don’t usually hang out with the munchkins for long periods of time unsupervised.

Any-who, yesterday was the first day of my extremely effective birth control time with the little ladies.
I’ll have them for the next two days, but here’s what day one taught me (some are common sense reminders that popped up again):

1. Children are brutally honest. Example: Niece A was having an in depth conversation with me about my hair and her preferences*.
Niece A: Auntie, [Sepia], you know this hair is scary. *makes scariest face you’ve ever seen on a cute 3 year old* You should really get it back like you had it last week. She’s referring to the smooth, silky, child-friendly pressed hair I wore last week.Sepia: What makes it scary, A?
Niece A: You don’t look pretty. You look like a scary hair lady. (Niece B nods in agreement) *dips fry in ketchup* *hums*

2. Elephants forget more than children. Not only do children never ever ever forget, they’ll remind you of every detail of the exact conversation where you promised to take them to the Christmas train at the mall but was too tired so instead you went home and watched Spongebob. Lesson: keep your promises to a child.

3. Chicken nuggets and fries trump pretty much everything else in the arena of fine dining. So, in an attempt to fuel up for the second half of day one, I pulled up to a Jamaican resty for some oxtails, rice and peas and plantains. Before I could unstrap their seatbelts, both Niece A and Niece B gave me a look that said, “Auntie, this place serves nothing for us.” Niece A, being the vocal one of the two said, “Auntie [Sepia] we don’t want this! We want Wendy’s.” Blink. *walks back to driver’s side to head to the nearest Wendy’s*

4. Nap time is essential. My biggest mistake yesterday, and the reason why I’m blogging at 11 am from the bed, was not giving the girls a set nap time. Even after a reminder from one of the mommies that, “the girls are gonna need a nap soon,” I let the day get away from me and wound up with one sleepy lady in the movie theater and another cranky little lady at the book store. Today, nap time is at 2. (Yay, that’s only 3 hours away!)

5. If/when/in the event that I am blessed with a child of my own (because children are truly a blessing) I’ll NEED a hubb (who actively wants to be a supportive father and caregiver) first. I’m putting that out into the universe. Yeah, sure, I spoke about the possibility of my marrying some kinda super star who’s always busy, but um, something’s gonna have to give. Sure, two three year old girls isn’t extremely likely (unless I have twins) but it could happen and I don’t want that to happen without a daddy. In jest, I sent one of The Daddies a bbm that read: Kids are sweet but EXHAUSTING! How do ppl have more than one? I need a baby daddy for the next 2 days!

I’m so sleepy and at the same time, I’m overjoyed because I have receipts for these gifts. They can be returned – not that I’m in a rush to stamp RETURN TO SENDER – but for the moment, I’m enjoying the time they’re spending with me.

They’re teaching me patience, unconditional love, forgiveness and that three year olds need a smaller cup when drinking hot chocolate.

I love these little ladies and I’m so grateful I get to have a hand in their life experiences. But, boy, oh, boy, I can’t wait until Thursday!
(A VERY Sleepy) Sepia

*The Fro is back, people 🙂

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