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Time Out

Today I decided to stop making excuses and take a Time Out for me.


Over the past year I became a wife, then a mom. Naturally, my priorities shifted and the needs of my husband and daughter kinda pushed mine a little further back.

My blogging assistant with me after a run.

My blogging assistant with me after a run.

I haven’t been feeling quite like my old self and that’s to be expected; I’m not her anymore. This Chanell 2.0 has different wants and needs and as the years add up, I’m realizing what’s most important.

Outside of my relationship with God, being a new wife (one year in) and an even newer mom, I must take care of myself.

With a new job that holds lots of responsibilities, I have little time for anything besides family. But the excuses stop here. I will make time for me and all that being me entails (writing, blogging, getting out more, thrifting, cooking, laughing, enjoying the little moments).

Celebrating BK's 1/2 Birthday.

Celebrating BK’s 1/2 Birthday.

Today, during my Time Out, I took time to run again. Thanks to the Couch to 5k app on my phone (and the urging from an article I’d read in Essence magazine) I reluctantly put on my running shoes again. Jesus be some muscle/endurance memory! While my goal is to be able to run a 5k at some point this  year, I want to be healthier.

Last week, before I left the house, my husband prayed, jokingly, “Lord, please give us what we need to lose this weight so we can run each other down the street when we get mad.”

He and I have both put on a few pounds since venturing into marriage and parenthood and I know that by putting these words down I’m holding myself (and him) accountable.

In high school, I was a distance sprinter. I could run a quarter mile in under a minute and a half mile in… well, less than four minutes (I hated the 800 meter run). While I’d love to get back to that speed, that’s not my aim. I’d like to be able to run – at a nice, steady pace – for an hour without fainting. Sure, it’s a hefty goal – one that seemed so far-fetched today during my 15 minute walk-run – but if I take a few more Time Outs I’ll be there in no time.


Slow and steady wins the race.

Until next time, Be Blessed and Live Well.

Chanell Nicole♥

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Sometimes You Gotta Run

Last week, while waiting on the bus, a young lady was walking towards a bus that had pulled off. The driver saw her, but was clearly going to keep going. An older woman, sitting next to me, said the most profound thing I’d heard in a while. Her voice quaked out in the direction of the sauntering young girl carrying shopping bags, she belted, “Honey, sometimes you gotta run for it. If they see you want it enough, they’ll stop for you.”

Of course, she was referring to the bus that was slowing down, but I could apply that to all areas of my life. Right now, I’m having the hardest time with being a consistent blogger and writer. Of course I want to be successful at it, but I’ve been getting in my own way; putting people and other pieces of work in front of my own work. Even when I have time, I find myself not “running for it”.

I haven’t been running for that deeper connection with Christ,

or the physical well-being I so desire,

or balance,

or patience,

or complete wholeness.

But in order to obtain it, I have to give it to God first. That’s the key.

In giving it to God, I’m not saying, “Here, God, you can have it.” I’m saying, “Father, this is my plan, if it pleases you, please help me do XYZ.”

I can’t make any idle promises, but I know that in order to get to the level that God has for me, I must run in the direction of my goals. No one will assist me in getting there unless I show the passion and determination. Besides, if I don’t run for it, I might miss the last opportunity available.

That woman on the bus stop doesn’t know what kinda fire she ignited in me. Sure, if I miss a bus, there’s another one coming in about fifteen minutes, but what if the last bus was the last bus?

I must prepare and plan prayerfully and purposefully to accomplish my goals.

Running for it…


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