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On Waking Up Early(er)

Guess what day it is?

I will never understand why people ask questions like that. Like by guessing it’s Friday on Wednesday will change anything… uhhhh, never mind.

So today I decided to join the #5amclub and I’m so happy I did. I usually wake up early since I have to be at work  before 8 so it wasn’t too much of a challenge. 

I had to plan, prepare and press forward in order to get going at 5am. I prayed with my husband, ate half a bagel with peanut butter and grabbed a gallon of water and thought I would be out of the house. But noooo! Vanity came in and interrupted my flow!

Makeup! I forgot my makeup!  Gasp!

I rummaged through the bins in the bathroom and tried my best to locate the eyeliner, blush, and pressed powder that would turn me from frog to princess after my workout. Having wasted enough time, I grabbed what I could and dashed out of the house. Looking like a bag lady on the way to the gym, I loaded up the car and was on my way.

Three minutes later, in the parking lot at the gym, I said a prayer for strength and walked inside.

“Oh, hi, we can’t let you in here with that gallon of water,” said the front desk attendant.


I didn’t debate just then but I saw the scheme of the enemy clear as day. I almost got angry and left but I remembered my goal.
Back inside the gym I asked the attendant if they had that policy written down on their contract anywhere.

“No, but see the picture? The guy has a gallon of water.”

I was beyond confused but still went to start my workout sans my illegal gallon  of h to the izzo.

My brief workout went well. I challenged myself for anout 45 minutes but was sure not to overdo it.


I hit the showers and realized I didn’t pack lotion or a bra! I just laughed.

None of the two outfits I packed could be worn without a bra and wearing my sweaty sports bra was completely out of the question. (Besides, I still breastfeed, I could have an accident! )

I had two options: go home (which would cause me to miss the early shuttle bus to work due to my desire to cuddle with the baby) or run over to Walmart.


I showered, brushed my hair up into a messy bun and got dressed then headed over to Wally World with ashy legs and… well you know, no bra.

(P.S. I’m a Target girl but they’re not open as early as Walmart; so Walmart it was.)

In my head I kept repeating Bra, lotion, lipstick. Bra, lotion,  lipstick. Bra, lotion, lipstick. Just to remember what I’d gone to Walmart for in the first place. I had no time to get sidetracked.

Once I got inside, my tune changed to Bra, lotion, lipstick, liner, moisturizer. By the time I got to the cosmetics aisle it had turned to Bra, lotion, lipstick, lipstick, lipstick, liner, moisturizer.

*I really think my Mother-in-love (not law) is rubbing off on me (another blog for another day).

Any who, I made it out of Walmart with only five minutes  to spare before I would be late  for the early shuttle to work or driving myself (which defeats the purpose of this Walmart run).

I drove on two wheels into the parking lot and grabbed my lunch bag and purse. As I was walking to the bus stop I realized I was double posted and had to go back to straighten up the car (didn’t want a ticket).
I hopped out of the car, ran to the bus stop and just made it in line for the shuttle bus.

With almost no seats left I found a cozy space in the back (which is where I’m writing this blog post). I laughed a little when I realized the bra I just bought was hanging out of my purse (I decided not to put it on in the car to save time).

I’m pretty sure people were staring but I didn’t have time to care.

It reminded me that everything takes a plan. I thought I was all prepped and ready to go but I forgot some essential things in the process. I’ll only get better. It will only get easier. All the while, I’ll keep sharing my growth and keep waking up early (er).


Are you a morning person? What could you get done if you woke up earlier?
Let’s talk.

Chanell Nicole

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